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Students who will soon move up to Upper School were celebrated on May 7, at the Ninth Grade Awards Night. 

This night highlighted academic successes, but also community service projects, fine arts and athletics abilities, and more. The Middle School Chorus performed.

First Semester High Honor Report

  • Catherine Adams 
  • John Benton 
  • Holland Bosma 
  • William Chung 
  • Jane Earp 
  • Oscar Eshenour 
  • Simon Fass 
  • Grant Fernandez 
  • Kate Fine 
  • Luke Hatch 
  • Mia Jones 
  • Andrew Konikoff 
  • Erin Little 
  • Lily Mason-Breit 
  • Carter McGhee 
  • Evan O'Boyle 
  • Will Poynter 
  • Wyatt Salter 
  • Allie Wight 

First Semester Honor Report

  • James Allgeier 
  • Emmalee Bailey 
  • Jonah Bakkar 
  • Luisa Barros dos Reis 
  • Josh Bazil 
  • Michaela Betancourt 
  • Millie Borum 
  • Grayson Branton 
  • Andrew Buchanan 
  • Allie Carofino 
  • Haven Carroll 
  • Lyric Carter 
  • Henry Chesson 
  • Alex Craig 
  • Jed Creedon 
  • Mason Cunnion 
  • Vaughan Cutchins 
  • Gabriel Divaris 
  • Taylor Franklin 
  • Sophia Galiotos 
  • Maite Guzman 
  • Lola Hires 
  • Ananya Iyer 
  • CJ Kemp 
  • Livi Kohler 
  • Anna Larrabee 
  • Sofia Lotkin 
  • Jay McCaa 
  • Helen McCabe 
  • Chase McDonald 
  • Aubrey McGrath 
  • Kailyn McNaughton 
  • Maeson Melnyk 
  • Wes Miller 
  • Meghan Monnet 
  • Esther Morolari 
  • Anabelle Phillips 
  • Logan Robinson 
  • Leighton Soderberg 
  • Anja Speers 
  • Tristan Sym 
  • Shylaah Thakkar 
  • Allie Tyszko 
  • Emma VanderWilt 
  • Ben Warburton 
  • Sienna Watson 
  • Ivan Xu 
  • Emma Paige Yuill 

2023-24 Royster Honor Council 

  • Ninth Grade: Catherine Adams, Wes Miller, Evan O’Boyle 
  • Eighth Grade: Charlie Adler, Ellie Trant 
  • Seventh Grade: Matthew Bousman, Teagan Oswald 
  • Faculty Advisors Mrs. Hopkins, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Duquette, Mrs. Monaco 

2024-25 Tunstall Honor Council 

  • Sophomore Class: Parks Andrews, Wes Miller 

2023-24 Royster Student Council

  • President: Foard Hunter 
  • Ninth Grade Representatives: Jonah Bakkar, John Benton, Lily Mason-Breit 
  • Eighth Grade Representatives: Mia Froehler, Gidget Schlossberg, Latane Ware 
  • Seventh Grade Representative: Asher Heath 
  • Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Duquette, Mrs. Scofield 

2024-25 Tunstall Student Council 

  • Treasurer: John Benton 
  • Sophomore Class President: Jonah Bakkar 
  • Sophomore Class Vice President: Vaughan Cutchins 
  • Sophomore Class Secretary: Kate Fine 

2024-25 Peer Counselors

  • Emmalee Bailey 
  • Jonah Bakkar 
  • Felicity Johnson 
  • Helen McCabe 
  • Kailyn McNaughton 
  • Esther Morolari 

PAWS for a Cause Partner Organizations

  • Brock Environmental Center 
  • CHKD Mental Health Hospital 
  • The Chrysler Museum 
  • CROP Foundation 
  • Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore 
  • ForKids 
  • Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Shore 
  • Museum of Contemporary Art 
  • Norfolk Botanical Gardens 
  • Operation Smile 
  • Point O’ View Elementary School 
  • Virginia Zoo 

TEAMS – Test of Engineering Aptitude, Math, and Science 

The Technology Student Association (TSA), a national, non-profit association dedicated to students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, sponsors an annual national Test of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science. This year the TEAMS competition consisted of a single division for grades 9-12. The school was represented by eight teams this year, two teams of four students for each grade. Five of the top six teams in the state were from Norfolk Academy. 

  • The ninth grade participants were: Catherine Adams; John Benton; Allie Carofino; Alex Craig; Grant Fernandez; Luke Hatch; Benton Johnson; Ben Warburton. 

Friends of the Norfolk Public Library 

More than 1,400 entries were submitted to the 2024 Friends of the Norfolk Public Library Annual Book Review Contest, which emphasizes critical thinking and creative writing skills. The contest, which ended in March, was open to all Norfolk public, private, and homeschool students in grades 4 through 12. 

  • Ninth Grade First Place Winner: John Benton 

Renaissance Reader Award

To achieve a Renaissance Reader Award, a student must read, in addition to required classroom reading, a minimum of five works from a list submitted by teachers from the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. The student, in a discussion with the sponsoring faculty member, must demonstrate a satisfactory understanding of each work. 

  • Catherine Adams 
  • Luisa Barros dos Reis 
  • John Benton 
  • Haven Carroll 
  • Alex Craig 
  • Kate Fine 
  • Elizabeth Grant 
  • Lily Mason-Breit 
  • Ben Warburton 
  • Sienna Watson 

Batten Reader Award

Given to the ninth grade student who has read the most books from the Batten Library collection in the 2023-2024 school year. 

  • Alex Craig 

National Latin Exam

Sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League, the National Latin Exam tests students in all levels of Latin on their knowledge of grammar, reading comprehension, mythology, derivatives, literature, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin, and Latin in use in the modern world. The 2024 National Latin Exam was administered to more than 100,000 students in the U.S. and in 21 countries around the world. 

  • Advanced Poetry Exam Gold Medal – Summa Cum Laude: Simon Fass 
  • Intermediate Reading Comprehension Exam Gold Medal – Summa Cum Laude: Jane Earp, Allie Wight 
  • Silver Medal – Maxima Cum Laude: James Allgeier; Jonah Bakkar; Grant Fernandez; Erin Little; Wes Miller; Will Poynter 
  • Magna Cum Laude: Catherine Adams; Andrew Buchanan; Lily Mason-Breit; Carter McGhee; Emma Vanderwilt; Ivan Xu 
  • Cum Laude: Sienna Watson 

Royster Teacher of the Year

The Royster Student Council elects a teacher to recognize the dedication and commitment that our faculty provides throughout the school year. The recipient of this award is chosen based on character, integrity, and service to the school and community. 

  • Antoinette Bailey 

Ninth Grade Speech Award

Norfolk Academy requires each ninth grade student to deliver a persuasive speech before the faculty and students of the Middle School. Each spring, finalists compete for the Ninth Grade Speech Award before a panel of judges who select the recipient. This year’s judges: Mrs. Susan Duquette, Lower School Counselor and Assistant Director; Mrs. Sarah Goodson, Upper School Assistant Director; Ann Gray Golpira '24, former Ninth Grade Speech Finalist 

  • Speech Finalists: Catherine Adams, Grant Fernandez, Will Poynter
  • Winner: Catherine Adams
  • Distinguished Speakers: Emmalee Bailey, Millie Borum, Alex Craig, Jane Earp, Luke Hatch, Anna Larrabee, Allie Wight 

LTC Michael L. Horstman, USA (RET.) History Award: For the outstanding student in the study of History. 

  • Simon Fass

Spanish Language Award: For the student in Spanish who has demonstrated the greatest interest and achievement. 

  • Addison Tajan

French Award: For excellence in both the oral and written language and for leadership and enthusiasm in class. 

  • Tristan Sym

German Award: Presented by the Norfolk Academy German Club in memory of Maria Luebken, an exchange student from Copernicus-Gymnasium Löningen in 1976, for outstanding achievement in German. 

  • Wes Miller 

Science Award: Given to the Middle School student who has demonstrated the greatest interest and participation in all areas of the sciences. 

  • Grant Fernandez

Engineering, Design, and Innovation Award: Given to the Middle School student who has best embodied the ideals and the spirit of Norfolk Academy’s Engineering, Design, and Innovation program. 

  • Benton Johnson 

English Award: Awarded to the Middle School student who has displayed the greatest enthusiasm in the study of English.  

  • Anna Larrabee 

Wendall L. Winn Writing Award: Given to the student in the Middle School who has shown the greatest potential in creative writing. 

  • Oscar Eshenour 

Mildred Lohnaas Schneider Award: For a Middle School student for excellence in the study of English. 

  • Will Poynter

Howard R. Prince Geometry Award: For the student who has shown the greatest improvement in plane geometry through hard work and determination. 

  • Taylor Kulow 

Charles Mantel Mathematics Award: For the student who has achieved proficiency in mathematical skills through hard work, determination, and classroom citizenship. 

  • James Allgeier 

Victor and Joyce Ratnavale Latin Award: For the student who has achieved proficiency in Latin through hard work, determination, and classroom citizenship. 

  • Jane Earp

Physical Education: Pillars of Success Award: Presented to two ninth grade students whose determination, commitment to high standards, demonstration of physical and mental fortitude, and modeling of the qualities of a consummate teammate exemplify the pillars of success within our Physical Education program. 

  • Felicity Johnson, Logan Robinson 

Athletic Award for Girls: For the ninth grade girl who is the best athlete in the Middle School and who, through actions on and off the field, exemplifies the fine aspect of athletics.  

  • Allie Tyszko

Athletic Award for Boys: For the ninth grade boy who is the best athlete in the Middle School and who, through actions on and off the field, exemplifies the fine aspect of athletics. 

  • Henry Chesson

Visual Art Award: For a Middle School student who has consistently exhibited originality, creativity, and an understanding of the elements and principles of design. 

  • Grayson Branton 

Theater Arts Award: For outstanding achievement on stage and overall commitment to Norfolk Academy’s Theater program. 

  • Isabel Sterzing 

Musical Theater Award: For a student who consistently demonstrated the highest caliber of creativity and artistic performance in the Winter Musical. 

  • Lily Mason-Breit

The Behind-the-Scenes Award: Awarded to a student who has shown outstanding support of the many technical, physical, scenic, or organization elements and skills that go into creating a production. 

  • Ananya Iyer 

Dance Award: For the highest caliber of performance and participation in dance. 

  • Elizabeth Grant 

Choral Award: For a singer who displays outstanding leadership, dedication, and enthusiasm. 

  • Finn Guzik

Band Award: For the ninth grade band member who shows outstanding leadership, dedication, and enthusiasm. 

  • Jonah Bakkar

Orchestra Award: For outstanding achievement in the orchestra program and overall commitment to the Norfolk Academy music program. 

  • Ivan Xu 

Fine Arts Department Award: In recognition of talent, merit, and achievement of outstanding contributions, and of an unusual degree of loyalty, cooperation, and high qualities of conduct and performance in the Fine Arts. 

  • Kathryn Wright

Colonel Anthony Lawson I Award: Annual award to the boy in Form III who has made the wisest use of his time during the school year. 

  • William Chung

Mary Calvert Lawson Chandler Award: Annual award to the girl in Form III who has made the wisest use of her time during the school year. 

  • Catherine Adams

Matthew Thornton Austin Award: Awarded annually in memory of Matthew Thornton Austin to the Middle School boy or girl who makes the best use of his or her natural endowments and who quietly but consistently exhibits good sportsmanship, loyalty, friendliness, determination, perseverance, and exemplary strength of character. 

  • Emmalee Bailey

James B. Massey Award: Presented to the Middle School student who, through character and integrity, has contributed most significantly to the student body in the areas of academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. 

  • Evan O'Boyle




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