Fine Arts Department Recognizes Outstanding Students with Awards

The Fine Arts Department recognized students who have shown outstanding dedication and accomplishment in the fine arts at the Upper School Fine Arts Day. Students and a teacher were given awards in an array of categories:
Band Award for an instrumentalist who has shown outstanding dedication and ability: Michael Lucas ’21

Orchestra Award for the senior who has demonstrated consistent professionalism in their approach to working and performing: Brammy Rajakumar ’19

Choral Music Award for the seniors who have shown outstanding leadership, dedication and vocal ability: Maiya Foleck ’19 and Cabell Jones ’19

Visual Arts Award for the student who, inside and outside of class, strives to improve their natural creativity, does projects of their own design, and encourages others by their focused example: Noah DeLorenzo ’20

Art History Award for the Upper School student who demonstrates passion for and an exceptional ability in the study of art history: James Hood ’19

Film Studies Award for the Upper School student who demonstrates outstanding knowledge, ability, and disciplinary achievement: Kedar Johnson-Smith ’20

Dance Award for Upper School students in recognition of leadership, loyalty, integrity, and diligence: Marissa Mejia ’19 and Jenna Archambeau ’19

Most Improved Dance Team Member for the Upper School dancer that has worked consistently to improve their skills and technique through an exceptional work ethic: Brammy Rajakumar ’19

Academy Players Award for seniors who have demonstrated commitment and creative growth, in their approach to working and performing within an ensemble in the Fall Play: Sarah Herring ’19 and Cabell Jones ’19

Musical Theater Award in recognition of students’ creative accomplishments and diligence in the pursuit of excellence in the Winter Musical: Sabrina Sterns ’21 and Laura Read ’20

Outstanding Newcomer to the Winter Musical Award for an Upper School student who has demonstrated leadership, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in his first musical production: Solomon Duane ’19     
“Behind the Scenes” Award for Upper School students who have shown outstanding support of the many technical, physical, or scenic elements that go into creating a large-scale production: Kerri Thornton ’20 and Nate Ternes ’21

Fine Arts Association Award to a member of the faculty in recognition of their support, leadership, and contribution to the school’s performing and visual arts program: Mrs. Charlotte Zito ’99, Upper School English teacher and faculty advisor to the Belfry and Rings, Strings, and Other Things (literary magazine)

Congratulations, musicians, dancers, actors, and those who are helping create the magic (behind-the-scenes people), for your strong contributions to the arts at Norfolk Academy! We appreciate your skill and creativity!