Norfolk Academy Wins Major Regional Regatta

Norfolk Academy won the Eastern Virginia Rowing Association (EVRA) regatta for the fourth year in a row, beating Great Bridge High School, a perennial rival, by just over 2 points.

In fact, the top four teams finished with point totals that were just slivers apart: Norfolk Academy had 203.4 points overall; Great Bridge High School came in at 201.2; Williamsburg Boat Club at 197.8; and River City Crew at 194.4. Granby High School was fifth at 151.6.

Norfolk Academy won two races: the boys second varsity eight and the boys lightweight four. The latter team was composed of the same four rowers who won the state regatta last year and rowed in a national championship: Peyton McNider, B. Gray Randolph, Destin Rodgers, and Will Klena. Scarlett Baughman was the coxswain.

Norfolk Academy earned all of its other points with second, third, or fourth place finishes. 
Norfolk Academy results:

Women’s Varsity 8: 2nd
Women’s Varsity 4: 3rd
Women’s second varsity 4: 3rd
Women’s Lightweight t4: 2nd
Women’s Novice 8: 4th (fouled on the course, had to stop mid-race)
Women’s Junior Novice 8: 3rd

Men’s Varsity 8: 2nd
Men’s second Varsity 8: 1st
Men’s Varsity 4: 3rd
Men’s second Varsity 4: 3rd
Men’s Lightweight 4: 1st
Men’s Novice 8: 2nd
Men’s Junior Novice 8: 2nd