Student-Led Honor Council Shares Exam Wisdom

Exams can be a stressful time for students. Sometimes, the dread of a final test becomes overwhelming, and students may make poor judgments. In order to prevent poor decision-making, a few of members of the student-led Middle School Honor Council spoke to their peers during chapel before the exam period began.

While they addressed the entire Middle School, Honor Council representatives Avery Britt ’22, Rachel Thetford ’22, and Kai Wang ’22 were specifically directing their message to seventh graders. Since it is the 7th graders’ first exam period in the Middle School, Honor Council representatives were aware that these might be different from exams the students took last year in their Lower School classes.

“It is not worth your integrity to cheat,” said Avery. “As you prepare (for your exams), talk to any teacher—they will help you.”

Kai echoed Avery’s sentiments, adding, “you have a better chance of getting a better grade by guessing on all the questions than by cheating on an exam.”

Mr. Witt Borum, Middle School Honor Council advisor and math and science teacher, also spoke. He projected a few figures on the screen, showing possible scenarios as to how an exam score would affect an overall class grade. “Your performance on these exams can’t impact your grades too much,” said Mr. Borum. “Take whatever anxiety or stress that’s inside you, and use that to motivate you. You are going to be fine. We (the faculty) are all here for you—we’re here to help you prepare.”

Best of luck to all Bulldogs as you take your exams this week! We are cheering for you!

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