The Gift That Keeps on Thanksgiving

By Sarah Yue '19, Communications Intern
The days leading up to Thanksgiving are arguably some of the most hectic and exciting at Norfolk Academy. Lower School students are practicing their songs in preparation for Grandparents’ Day; parents, grandparents, and friends arrive on campus over a two-day span to see them perform; and Middle and Upper School students wrap up their work in the short academic week, all in the anticipation of Thursday.

Everyone does Thanksgiving differently, so we talked to some students and teachers to learn more about their traditions.

What unique activity do you do for Thanksgiving?
“We always go out and catch a big rockfish to eat for Thanksgiving dinner! It’s what the original settlers would have eaten.” - Upper School art teacher Knox Garvin

“I’m going to Suffolk to my Aunt’s house and eating dinner and then going to my Grandma’s house and spending the weekend!” - Max B. ’28

“We go to a family reunion with my mom’s whole side of the family! Over 100 people come and we eat birthday cake to celebrate the November birthdays!” - Molly Brown ’19

“Going to North Carolina to see my baby cousins and my huge cousins and my middle cousins and then I go to my Grandparents’ house for a little something.” - Izzy N. ’30

“My family hosts Thanksgiving for all of our very good restaurant family—friends who don’t have homes to go to in order to celebrate!” - Upper School art teacher Greg Barton

“Playing a football game with my family!” - Henry Martin ’22

“My birthday always falls around Thanksgiving, so we always eat birthday cake to celebrate.” - Sophia Mirovski ’21

“We watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a family, and the next morning we go to the Virginia Tech football game.” - Lily Hackbirth ’19

“We go to the Outer Banks and we have all of our family at a house and we stay there all through the week and have dinner together!” - James Hostutler ’23

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
“Sweet potato pie!” - Upper School French teacher Warren Warsaw

“Sweet potatoes, but without marshmallows, because my Grandma’s recipe doesn’t have them… and mashed potatoes. Honestly, all potatoes.” - Elle Lambert ’19

“Mac and cheese!” - Cami Cuebas ’21

“Pies. Apple, blueberry, or pecan. Also, Etheridge family tradition: cheddar cheese on top of the apple pie. Don’t knock it till you try it.” - First Grade teaching associate Tom Etheridge

“Turkey...with gravy.” - Josh Warsaw ’21

“Dinner rolls with butter.” - Courtney Kilduff ’20

No matter how you celebrate, we hope you enjoy the long holiday!