Coach Tom Duquette Receives the 2018 Charter Day Award

He is Chairman of the Math Department, a passionate mathematician who also taught literature classes in the English Department.

He is the incredibly successful head coach of Boys Varsity Lacrosse, the recipient of many TCIS and VISAA coaching awards.

And he has been involved in numerous extracurricular activities, particularly those that promote reading, like All-School Seminar Day and a new event that launched this year, which invites alumni to gather for discussion about a work of literature. The subject for the first alumni gathering was This Is Water by David Foster Wallace.

Now, Mr. Tom Duquette is also the recipient of this year’s Charter Day Award, given each year to salute excellence in teaching and mentoring of students. The award was given at Upper School chapel on Charter Day, Nov. 13, as the school celebrated 290 years since the official charter. The announcement, by Tunstall Student Council President Michael Wakeham '19, was met with an immediate and sustained standing ovation.

Congratulations, Coach Duquette!