Halloween at Norfolk Academy is unBOOlievable!

By: Sarah Yue '19, Communications Intern

It’s a well-known and hallowed tradition at Norfolk Academy. Ninth and twelfth grade students dress up in their favorite halloween costumes and parade through the school. First, second, and third graders have the opportunity to impersonate a character from one of their favorite books as they, too, display their ensembles for the different divisions.

Many students went for unique group costumes. This year, six senior girls dressed up as music genres, jamming out with a speaker in the pit. According to Reilly Husson ’19, they chose the costumes because music united them and they wanted to dress up as their favorite genres.

Self-dubbed the “ToGang” and dressed up as Cambridge Latin Course characters, Peyton McNider ’19 spoke for his group when he said, “Many of us continued on with Latin through high school. We were just so invested in these characters and I love that we had the honor of dressing up as them!”

Madeleine Munn ’19 and Bobby Lee ’19 dressed up as Angela and Dwight from the office, stating that The Office was their favorite TV show. The two decided on their characters because being the better-known Pam and Jim would be too cheesy.

The biggest costume group by far - a group of 11 girls - dressed up as all of the characters from Mario Kart. They all made “cars” and drove around campus, even making it out to the track to take a victory lap! They selected their costume theme because they knew that the Lower School students would be quick to recognize them...and they were right!

After a morning parade put on by the seniors, students dressing up in the Lower School had an opportunity to make their way around campus in the afternoon in front of onlooking parents and Lower, Middle, and Upper School students.

Izzy N. ’30 dressed up as Eloise from the Eloise book series, referring to the first novel as her all-time favorite book. She bought her costume from the Eloise Shop and said was also excited to see the seniors dressed up.

Reese H. ’30 picked Angelina Ballerina as her outfit inspiration, because she loves ballerinas and it was the only book she could find. Coincidently, Lower School librarian Mrs. Kresinske also dressed up as a ballerina from Angelina Ballerina! 

Liam K. ’30 was Harry Potter from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is his favorite of the six novels in the Harry Potter book series that he has read. He has had his costume since last year and said he can’t wait to trick-or-treat.

When questioned about their costume inspiration, the girls in Mrs. Monteaux’s second grade class all answered at once with high enthusiasm. They based their costumes off of characters from their favorite books. Some of the girls had purchased the costumes for the parade, while some even made them themselves!

Drew B. ’28 dressed up as a pumpkin from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. He resourcefully chose his costume because, in addition to being from a Halloween book, his brother had used the costume last year. His favorite part of Halloween is trick-or-treating and eating all of the candy. Meanwhile, Gigi S. and and Taylor S. decided to dress up as characters from their books because they could do it together as best friends!

While the ninth graders did not participate in any parades, they did show off their costumes in front of their Middle School peers during morning chapel.

Canby Traywick ’22, in an homage to teacher-coach Mike Duquette, donned his best tennis clothes and touted around a tennis racquet all day. His favorite part of the school’s Halloween festivities was getting the opportunity to dress up as a teacher.

What’s your favorite part of Halloween?

“When I was younger, my favorite part of Halloween was going out and finding the spookiest yards and haunted houses. I still love being scared!” Sydney Leguillow ’19

“My favorite part of Halloween is seeing everyone’s creativity and personality shine through their costumes.” Samantha Farpour ’19

“I actually really like handing out candy to trick-or-treaters! It’s so fun.” Balthazar Denk ’19

“My favorite part of Halloween is the seniors and their costumes and processions through the Lower School. On the flip side of that, I also love the first graders and their costumes.” Mr. Manning, sporting a button that reads, "This IS my costume." Rumor has it that the Mannings hand out king size chocolates to eager children.