Board of Trustees Adopts Bold Strategic Plan Focused on Integrity, Leadership, and Pluralism

The Board of Trustees adopted a new strategic plan at its October meeting, which sets a clear course for new initiatives to be undertaken by the school over the next few years.

The plan, which was ratified as the school concludes the largest capital campaign in its history ($67.5M), is entitled Creating a Just Society: Integrity, Leadership, and Pluralism. It is the product of a sustained investigation and planning process, which involved a broad set of the school’s stakeholders—students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and trustees. The Board of Trustees initiates a strategic planning process at regular intervals, typically every five to seven years.

The school engaged with Leadership + Design, an educational consultancy with expertise in design thinking and strategic planning, over a lengthy process of conducting interviews, holding workshops, and incorporating benchmarking data. The final stage of the exploration process, prior to the production of a draft, was a strategic planning design retreat, held at the Chrysler Museum, that included 49 participants. The drafting and revision process unfolded over the summer and into early autumn.

The plan sets five strategic priorities for initiatives that the school will pursue; each one is closely tied to portions of the school’s Statement of Philosophy and Objectives. They are as follows:

  • Faculty Growth, Purpose and Excellence
  • Leadership
  • New Approaches to Learning and Teaching
  • Pluralism
  • Value Proposition
Under each priority, the plan lists several potential areas for exploration, which are likely to be starting points for the plan’s implementation. The school will be organizing committees and beginning work in the next few months to put the plan into effect.