Meet Norfolk Academy's new Communications Interns!

This year, four Upper School students are volunteering with the Communications Office as interns. They will be writing stories, taking photos, and giving our audience a view of school life through the eyes of a student. We are excited to have their creative energy and skill at storytelling!

Madeleine Munn ’19

Extra-curricular activities: Global Health Fellows, coaching JO field hockey, the Lit Mag, French Club- pretty much everything I do at school, I love.

Hobby unrelated to school: I read many books while drinking many cups of coffee, play with my two dogs, and spend time with my siblings. I also bake amazing sugar cookies and cook an impressive omelet.

What I love about writing: Seamus Heaney said, “If you have the words, there’s always a chance you’ll find the way.” I love being part of the world of writing, the world of people finding the way separately, but also together.

Favorite writer(s) at the moment: I’m on a Haruki Murakami kick lately, and I’ve been rereading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith because it’s my biannual tradition!

Fun fact: At my kindergarten parent teacher conference, my teacher told my parents that I was “rallying people together on the playground to rise up against meaner kids.”

Emme Pike ’19

Extra-curricular activities: I love music (singing, playing the piano, violin, guitar, etc.), swimming, rowing, and doing work with the Literacy Fellows.

Hobby unrelated to school: When I am not doing school-related things, you can catch me watching Law and Order or playing with my dogs.

What I love about writing: Being able to communicate with people that I have never met through words on a page, in addition to being able to convey a message that sometimes cannot be done through spoken words are some of the things that I love about writing.

Favorite writer(s) at the moment: Some of my favorite writers at the moment include Nicola Yoon and Angie Thomas.

Sarah Yue '19

Extra-curricular activities:
I love being on the water, so I’m currently helping manage sailing and row in the spring, and I’m the president of our Girl Up club which I’m so excited about!

Hobby unrelated to school: Art is something I do at school, but sewing is a form of creativity that I have loved since I found my mom’s old sewing machine in our closet. I adore designing, drafting patterns, and seeing them come into existence.

What I love about writing: I love that we have the ability to communicate solely through language and words and think that it can facilitate such good conversations and ideas!

Favorite writer(s) at the moment: Jenny Han and Angie Thomas! It’s so exciting to see more representation in popular books.

Favorite quote: "Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -- Helen Keller 

Sarah Herring '19

Extra-curricular activities: Theater (fall play, Winter Musical, and spring play)

Hobby unrelated to school:
Video editing, watching movies (especially Disney), and ice skating.
What I love about writing: It’s a very accessible way of getting news and it helps develop storytelling as a skill. As far as social media is concerned, I love how it can be used a platform to meet new people and create long-lasting relationships with people all around the world!

Favorite writer(s) at the moment: Alison Bechdel