Friendship in the Eyes of First Graders

One of the most nerve-wracking feelings at any stage in life is the anticipation of making new friends at a new place. In celebration of this year’s theme of Friendship, we asked a few of our newest - and youngest - bulldogs a few questions about friendship. Here is what they had to say:

What does friendship mean to you?
  • “Having friends and being nice to them.”  Liam C. ’30
  • “Friendship means being nice to someone.”  Justus C. ’30
  • “If you have a friend, they might want to stay your friend!”  Elliott W. ’30

What do you play with your friends?
  • “We play sharks and minnows and Harry Potter on the playground. I pretend I’m Hermione Granger. During free play, we hula hoop.” — Anne O. ’30
  • “Throw the baseball (together).” — Jack P. ’30
  • “We play lemonade stand. We like to talk about lemonade.” — Jordan B. ’30

What advice would you give to someone who is hoping to make a friend?
  • “Just try to play with them and they might like you!” — Gage P. ’30
  • “Try to have that person play the game you play, or play their game with them and be nice to them.” — A.B. F. ’30
  • “Encourage someone if they have trouble making friends. I would tell them ‘You can make friends! It’s just not (going to happen) overnight.’” — Justus C. ’30
  • “Start playing with somebody and ask them if they want to be my friend.” — Harper K. ’30
  • “I would try talking to them if I saw them sitting by themselves.” — Trey Y. ’30