Three Senior Speech Finalists Deliver Encore Performance (Video)

Senior speech finalists gave an encore delivery of their speeches on May 9, this time with three judges in the audience, in addition to Upper School students and faculty.

The speakers were Hans Christoffersen, who spoke about the need for converting Puerto Rico to renewable energy, as the island rebuilds its infrastructure after the ravages of Hurricane Irma; Caitie Sullivan, who brought her violin to the podium and played a snippet of “Here Comes the Bride” as an introduction to her speech about the importance of playing a musical instrument for brain development; and Eliza Dixon, who spoke about athletes kneeling during the national anthem as a civil rights protest.

“The Senior Speech Program is one of the most important vehicles by which we prepare students to become ultimately useful and responsible citizens of a democracy,” said Dr. Natasha Naujoks, Upper School history teacher and director of the Senior Speech Program. “By practicing the art of rhetoric, students exercise the linked imperatives to write well, speak well, and live well.”

The judging panel for the speeches included a real judge, the Honorable Joseph P. Massey, recently retired from serving as Chief Judge of Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations Circuit Court;  Aarthy Thamodaran ’05, assistant general solicitor for Norfolk Southern; and Michael Horstman, who is well-known to students, as he retired recently after serving as history teacher and assistant director of the Middle School.

The winner will be announced at Upper School graduation! Congratulations to the finalists for their outstanding work and to all seniors for a great year of persuasive speaking!
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