Pourquoi? Second Grade Boys Tell Us 'Why' in Play

This week, the boys of 2B skillfully narrated and acted their way through a series of pourquoi tales in front of their families and second grade peers, drawing many laughs along the way. A pourquoi tale explains an origin, or why something is the way it is. The different stories were interconnected under a general theme of jungle animals and insects. Narratives told to the audience described why the giraffe has a long neck, why the rhino is grumpy, and why the crab walks sideways.

"Pourquoi" means "why" in French, and the students had the opportunity for audience engagement based upon this translation. Every time one of the actors said the word "why", no matter the context, the audience was asked to respond with "pourquoi?" before the play continued. The boys, with help from their teacher, Mrs. Anne Schafer and Lower School music director, Mrs. Becky Peterson, put on a wonderful show!

Click here to view photos of the play.