Artist is the Inspiration Behind Students' Poems

Local area artist, Maizelle, recently had her work featured in the Perrel Gallery at the John H. Tucker Jr. Arts Center. The exhibit drew crowds from the region to examine her work. Luckily for the Norfolk Academy community, hosting the exhibit meant having easy access to view her work.

Lower School students took advantage of this opportunity. With the help of Lower School librarians Elizabeth Johnson and Madelyn Kresinske, students in second, third, and fourth grade wrote a collection of poems inspired by the artist’s paintings. They invited the author to campus and, one-by-one, 15 students took turn reading their poem to the artist from the podium in Johnson Theater.

Maizelle did not know what to expect when she arrived at the school. After the last student exited the stage, it was obvious she was thrilled.

“I am so impressed and so overwhelmed,” said Maizelle, after the students delivered their poems. “They are so talented. Wow, that was wonderful!”