Norfolk Academy Student-Musicians Recognized at Bay Youth Orchestras Award Ceremony

Mitchell Moore ’23 received a major award for his accomplishments as a musician at the final awards banquet for the regional Bay Youth Orchestras of Virginia.

Mitchell, who plays percussion for the Bay Youth Concert Orchestra, received the only award given for a student in that orchestra. Conductor Steven Brindle, who has served with the group for a year, said he still feels that he is getting to know many of the young musicians, so he was not giving many awards this year. However, he said that Mitchell’s development over the course of the year, and the way that he has matured and expanded his ability to be a significant contributor to the orchestra, warranted the recognition. Mitchell’s peers in the orchestra seemed to agree, as he was called up front to receive the award amid sustained and enthusiastic applause.

The banquet is also an opportunity to recognize the seniors in the Bay Youth Orchestras, all of whom are called forward and honored for the years that they have performed with the organization; each one receives a musical score. Gabriella Diskin ’18, who has been in Bay Youth for seven years, progressing from String Orchestra to the Concert Orchestra and then to Bay Youth Symphony, was recognized in the group of seniors and received Beethoven's Symphony No. 7.

Mitchell Moore plays in Norfolk Academy's Middle School band, and Gabriella Diskin plays in the Upper School orchestra.

The Bay Youth finale concert, featuring numerous ensembles and hundreds of student musicians from across the region, will be held Tuesday, May 15, at 7 p.m. at the L. Douglas Wilder Performing Arts Center at Norfolk State University.