Norfolk Academy Crew Clinches Fourth Straight Victory at Major Regional Regatta

Norfolk Academy Crew on Sunday won the Eastern Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championship for the fourth year in a row.

The victory, against a field that included public and private school teams from Tidewater to Richmond, showed the depth and consistency of the Bulldog team, and it marks a steady march of progress for Norfolk Academy.

For many years, the EVSRA was dominated by public school teams, particularly the team from Great Bridge in Chesapeake, many of which practice rowing year-round; Norfolk Academy rowers typically reflect the school’s emphasis on multi-sport participation; most of the rowers compete in an array of fall and winter sports, with a large contingent getting in peak shape during the winter on the Varsity Swim & Dive team. Each year, the team has to work incredibly hard in spring practices to match  the teams that arrive at early season regattas prepared with months of training.

The EVSRA Championship trophy, which is called the Thomson Cup, was presented to Headmaster Dennis Manning at Tuesday’s chapel. In presenting the cup, Hans Christoffersen, who is captain of Boys’ Crew, said that “it is for dominating the EVSRA,” which received robust applause. While it sounded like a joke, the cup is, in fact, awarded to “the most dominant team,” and it is announced as such during the awards ceremony.

“This year the championship truly reflected the sum total of all of the hard work that went into this season for both boys and girls.  All of our boats performed at their highest level all season on the day that it mattered for EVSRA,” said Athletic Director Aubrey Shinofield, who also serves as assistant coach for Girls’ Varsity Crew.  “It took wins from many categories on both teams to earn the Thomson Cup for the 4th year in a row. We are so proud of the work ethic of this particular team, and are ecstatic that they were able bring the Thomson Cup back to Norfolk Academy for another year.”

The team competes as a co-ed group, although the races are gender specific.  All levels—varsity, junior varsity, novice (first year rowing), and junior novice (7th and 8th graders, first time rowing)—contribute to victory. The team won by amassing points in races held throughout the day; boats compete in various heats and then progress to finals. The boats are listed as “Men” and “Women” as part of the rowing terminology, even though the rowers are students.

Norfolk Academy Crew will compete next weekend in the Independent School & Club Regatta, and the school is holding a first-ever alumni reunion for rowers at that regatta, which falls on the weekend of Field Day. The team will travel to Sandy Run Regional Park in Occoquan for the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association Championships on May 12. Good luck, rowers!

Some key races at the EVSRA:

(Note: The coxswain is in charge of steering the boat and setting the rhythm and pace of the rowers, but the coxswain does not row. However, the coxswain must know how to swim, as it is customary to throw the coxswain in the water as part of the victory celebration.)

Gold Medals for Girls
Women’s Second Varsity Four Lauren Camardella ’20, coxswain; Scarlett Baughman ’19, Alex Konikoff ’20, Tai Jeffers’18, Raegan Weis ’19, rowers.

Women’s Lightweight Four Reed Miller ’21, coxswain; Jen Permenter ’21, Laura Read ’20, Rachael Stromberg ’20, Camille Foley ’20, rowers.

Women’s Junior Four Reed Miller ’21, coxswain; Sarah Haugh ’20, Sarah Yue ’19, Sabrina Sterns ’21, Lydia Sweeney ’21, rowers.

Women’s Novice Eight Jessica Parker, coxswain; Avery Britt ’22, Selden Fiveash  ’22, Olivia Highton ’20, Chelsea Worthy ’19, Nadia Frier ’21, Emily Hnath ’19, Kristen Tan ’22, Claire Vu ’22, rowers.

Gold Medals for Boys
Men’s Second Varsity Eight Katie Post ’20, coxswain; Connor Tiffany ’20, Nicholas Sabatino ’19, Kevin Duan ’19, Christopher Asunción ’21 Leo Kamer ’21, Anthony Asunción ’19, Noah DeLorenzo ’20, Preston Anthony ’21, rowers.

Men’s Lightweight Four Katie Debbas ’18, coxswain; Peyton McNider ’19, B Gray Randolph ’19, Will Klena ’19, Destin Rodgers ’19, rowers.

Silver Medals for Girls
Women’s Varsity Four Virginia Darden ’19, coxswain; Leah Smith ’20, Jayda Kerlew ’19, Lily Golpira ’19, Frances Harrington ’19, rowers.

Women’s Varsity Eight Elaina Tenfelde, ’20, coxswain; Bryn Galumbeck ’18, Emily Batts ’18, Reilly Husson ’19, Madison Kirkman ’19, Gabby Foley ’19, Abigail McCammon  ’19, Gabi Diskin ’18, Emme Pike ’19, rowers.

Silver Medals for Boys
Men’s Junior 8 (did not count for points, but this marks the first time 7th graders have been able to race for EVSRA) Harrison Brown ’23, coxswain; Lauren Schill ’23, Tara Tavakoli ’23,  Ben Farpour ’22, Jack Lasley ’23, Jonah Abrams ’22, Cooper Poorman ’23, Luke Denson ’23, David Denson ’23, rowers.

Bronze Medals
Men’s Varsity Eight Daniel Prohaska ’18, coxswain; Hans Christoffersen ’18, James Hood ’19, Perry Smith ’18, Rob Russell ’19, Neil Malik ’19, Alastair Sterns ’19, John Leo Luecke ’19, Jason Park ’19, rowers.

Men’s Novice Eight Charlie Walker ’21, coxswain; Graham Webb ’21, Blake Brown ’21, Michael Lucas ’21, Oliver Jones ’22, Ned Lewis ’21, Ali Zaidi ’20, Jack Tignor ’22, Trey Custodio ’22, rowers.

Fifth Place
Men’s Varsity Four Nathan Vu ’20, coxswain; Daniel Moscoso ’19, Ben Furchtenicht ’19, Malcolm Schlossberg ’19, Ethan Thurmond ’20, rowers.