Park Place Students Visit Norfolk Academy

Continuing to cement a newly established partnership, Middle School students hosted students from the Park Place School this afternoon. A group of seventh graders were paired with their guests for an afternoon of discovery and entertainment.

When they arrived on campus, the Park Place School students were quickly introduced to Pit Ball, a beloved game distinct to Norfolk Academy students. The group convened in the Youngkin Refectory with other students for lunch before departing for the dance rooms for a hip-hop dance tutorial led by a member of the Elbert Watson Dance Company.

While trepidation might be commonplace for a group faced with dancing in front of their peers, the students were soon sharing smiles and offering up dance moves while Bruno Mars played over the speakers.

"The dance is a little tough, but we're also having a lot of fun," said Norfolk Academy student, Jenny Vazquez-Paramo '23. "I'm glad we had the opportunity to do this today."

Following the dance, the students were treated to a meeting with award-winning local artist, Mr. Clayton Singleton. They wrapped up the afternoon with a tour of the Field Day Art Gallery with Mr. Singleton, where they drew inspiration from other area artists. 

We look forward to future events with our friends at the Park Place School!