Lower School String Orchestra Earns Superior Rating in Competition

The Lower School String Orchestra earned a ‘Superior’ rating - the highest possible designation - and a first place trophy when they competed in the Music in the Parks competition at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA this past weekend. The group received their marks from two individuals at Old Dominion University: Dennis Zeisler, Director of Bands and James Michael Hall, Professor of Trombone.

Schools all over the east coast travel to compete in the event. There are four categories in which schools can compete: band, marching band, chorus, and orchestra. Norfolk Academy’s Lower School orchestra enters the competition every two years.

“Our twenty-minute rehearsals at school have turned us into lean, mean, performing machines,” said Jeff Danielson, the group’s director and chairman of the fine arts department. “It is a great experience for the kids to play in front of an objective group and receive high marks and positive feedback.”

The orchestra is comprised of the following students:

Grade 4
Aarush Desai, Violin 2
David Martin, Cello
Leo Jones, Violin 2

Grade 5
Alana McElligott, Violin 1
Ben Parker, Bass
Brock Becker, Cello
Kate Lasley, Viola
Luke Dobrin, Cello
Lucy Wilson, Violin 1
Molly Rolfe, Violin 1
Natalie Martin, Violin 1

Grade 6
Areen Syed, Cello
Dian Chen, Violin 1
Emilie Beasley, Violin 2
Isabella Leon, Violin 2
Jeremiah Biggs, Violin 1
Khushi Raval, Violin 1
Kirsten Ackerman, Violin 2
Michelle Vazquez Paramo, Violin 2
Natalie Tajan, Viola
Noelle Chaing, Violin 2
Sophie Pollio, Viola
Sydney Joynt, Violin 1
Toye Lawani, Viola
Whitney Collenberg, Violin 1
Zoë Jones, Cello

Congratulations to the Lower School String Orchestra!