Team of Seniors Wins First in Virginia TEAMS Competition

Several Norfolk Academy student teams achieved tremendous success in a statewide competition to test engineering aptitude and creative problem-solving: the team of seniors won first place, and the team of juniors earned third place.

The competition, known as TEAMS (Tests of engineering aptitude, mathematics, and science), includes a multiple choice section, an essay, and a build.  The essay this year was about making a prominent local building "green," thereby reducing negative impacts on the environment. For the build portion, each team is given a task to accomplish with some odd materials; they must figure out how to accomplish the task with the minimum number of materials on hand.  

The seniors and juniors qualified for the national competition, to be held in Atlanta in late June. Two additional teams, composed of 10th graders and 9th graders, earned 4th and 7th in their categories.

“The TEAMS students this year did a fantastic job of working together.  Most of the cohorts started very early on their essay and they all with their respective team to make the essay the best they could,” said Dr. Robert Call, Upper School physics teacher and advisor for the TEAMS competition.  “One of the challenges of this competition is that students are asked questions about topics they are not entirely familiar with and asked to use equations they have never seen before. They did an excellent job of not being intimidated and looking for solutions one step at a time.”

Students competing in TEAMS:

Seniors/Class of 2018:
Sophia Burke, Mila Colizza, Griffith McTavish, Colby Worden, Bryn Galumbeck, Daniel Prohaska, Jack Kilduff, Callie Dickinson

Juniors/Class of 2019: Brammy Rajakumar, Tyson Wittmann, Patrick McElroy, Peyton Tysinger, Kevin Smedley, James Hood, Marissa Mejia, Lily Kauffman

Sophomores/ Class of 2020: Sean Miller, Sahib Chandi, Nathan Vu, Kerri Thornton, Ali Zaidi, Courtney Kilduff, Leah Smith, Sammi Jacobs

Freshmen/ Class of 2021: Chris Asuncion, Lydia Sweeney, Olivia Danielson, Harrison Summers, Leo Kamer, Sidney Jordan, Leila Jamali, Blake Brown