Forensics Speak-Off Provides Prep for Upcoming Competition

The Lower School held its annual “Forensics Speak-Off” on Tuesday, an in-school event that helps prepare Norfolk Academy’s young orators and dramatic speakers for the upcoming regional competition.

Students participate in four competition categories, which are divided by gender, so that boys compete against boys, and girls compete against girls:

  • poetry—students recite a poem with appropriate expressiveness and inflection
  • prose—students dramatically read a selection of a story or nonfiction piece, often featuring dialogue or exciting action
  • storytelling—students tell a story written by another author, but they must memorize the tale and act it out
  • oratory—students research a topic and write an original persuasive speech

The “Speak Off” allows students to receive feedback on their performances from guest judges, typically teachers from the Middle and Upper Schools.

Over many decades, the forensics team has been an incredibly popular activity in the Lower School. Approximately 40 students participated this year, staying after school to work on their selections with the help of seven teacher-coaches.

The regional competition rotates among participating private schools, and Nansemond-Suffolk Academy is the host of this year’s competition on April 18th.  Only some members of the team are able to participate in the regional competition, due to limits on the number of entrants from each school.

Norfolk Academy is proud of the creativity, commitment, and skill of these speakers! Best of luck in the regional competition!

FORENSICS 2017 – 2018
Poetry Team (Teacher-Coaches Mrs. Kathy Lonergan and Mrs. Jackie Diamonstein)
Milla Avery
KB Chambliss
Brooke DeGeronimo
Sasha Gilliard
Kaiya Grant
Kate Lasley
Emily Salib
Sophia Thomas
Zachary Armentrout
Jayden Moore
Cooper Stuart
Storytelling Team (Teacher-Coach Mrs. Marianne Tembe)
Ann Gray Golpira
Toye lawani
Molly Rhatigan
Jacob Ezieme
David Salter
Audi Thapa
Prose Team (Teacher-Coaches Mrs. Jennifer Walker and Dr. Alice Pleming)
Shelby Beverly
Rachel Cole
Cooper Cutchins
Vera Hartz
Khushi Raval
Kate Rose
Gretchen Scott
Lily Stockwell
Jill Stewart
Eraj Zaidi
Luke Dobrin
Carter Lucas
Oliver Scott
Oratory Team (Teacher-Coaches, Mrs. Susan Duquette and Mrs. Sarah Smythe)
Katie Fernandez
Zoe Jones
Rhea Khanna
Natalie Martin
Ava McGhee
Olivia Reid
Marin Soderberg
Areen Syed
Jack Clayton
William Cole
Chance Stuart