Upper School History Teacher John Lindbeck is Now Dr. Lindbeck!

Upper School History Teacher John Lindbeck on Friday successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at The University of Mississippi, entitled “Slavery’s Holy Profits: Religion and Capitalism in the Antebellum Lower Mississippi Valley."

As a result, his students and colleagues can now call him “Dr. Lindbeck,” although he will still be known as “Coach” in his role as assistant coach for JV Baseball.

Dr. Lindbeck said his dissertation explores the leading role of white evangelicals in the creation of the cotton kingdom from 1815 to 1860. For them, the profits from plantation slavery fueled the engine of proslavery evangelical institutions such as missionary organizations, schools, and newspapers, and thus they believed that God ordained the further expansion of commercially-oriented slavery throughout the continent and beyond. Dr. Lindbeck’s advisor was Professor Jarod Roll.

The dissertation defense is the final step in the often long and arduous journey to completing a Ph.D. It involves making a presentation to a group of faculty at the university, many of whom are specialists in the field, and answering their questions.

“The defense is sort of a hazing ritual, so it feels good to finally complete a dissertation project that has brought me to archives across the country and occupied the majority of my time since the summer of 2015,” Dr. Lindbeck said.

Dr. Lindbeck earned his B.A. in history summa cum laude from the University of Colorado, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He then embarked to Oxford, Mississippi, where he earned a master’s degree en route to his doctorate. He received a graduate honors fellowship there, and he was awarded the Arch Dalrymple III Department of History Travel Grant to do additional research.

Congratulations, Dr. Lindbeck!