Freshman Completes Eagle Scout Service Project

Last month, freshman student Isaac Ceus ’21 completed his Eagle Scout Service Project on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts of America’s highest rank.

Isaac’s journey to reach the rank of Eagle Scout started in fourth grade, when he entered the Boy Scouts of America’s younger division: Cub Scouts. His mother wanted an increased male presence in his life and encouraged him to join. Following completion of Cub Scouts, he became a Boy Scout in sixth grade and has worked hard the past few years to reach the pinnacle of his Scouting career.

“I most definitely knew I wanted to become an Eagle Scout,” said Isaac. “Achieving the highest rank in scouting and taking on this (service project) challenge, knowing I was helping other people, was always my goal.”

In order to become an Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts must adhere to a number of requirements, one of which includes brainstorming, developing, and managing a service project.

“My project was making a home-cooked meal for 50 homeless individuals in my community,” explained Isaac. “In order to become an Eagle Scout, your service project must demonstrate leadership. I am active in church and enjoy ministering to people; I have gratitude and respect for what others are going through, and I wanted to help where I could.”

The first step in pulling off a successful event required getting the project approved by his troop committee and the regional director. Once they signed off on the idea, he then got to work sending out emails to his friends and members of his troop, requesting volunteers to help work the event. Close communication with the food coordinator at the church was also critical.

After solidifying his plans, Isaac got to work managing fundraising efforts. He organized a jeans day for the Middle School, to take place on Friday, March 2 – the last day before spring break and one week prior to the event. After receiving approval from Mr. Sigrist, Middle School director, and Mrs. Hopkins, Middle School assistant director, he made announcements during lunch and at chapel to spread the word to his peers. In the end, he raised $360. Spending less on supplies than he budgeted for, Isaac was able to donate the remainder of his funds to New Life Church in Virginia Beach, where he held the event.

Isaac partnered with Chesapeake Area Shelter Team (CAST), an organization that offers shelter for the homeless in Chesapeake, to work together to provide shelter and a meal to people seeking those resources. With their help, he was able to serve a smorgasbord of food, including salad, rice, green beans, meatballs and gravy, dinner rolls, and assorted desserts. All 50 people were fed, and the event proved to be successful.

“This was the first time someone in my troop conducted an Eagle Scout Service Project inside, and as a service-based project where other people were involved as volunteers,” said Isaac. “Working on this project inspired me to engage more and minister to other groups. I would love to be a surgeon when I grow up, and doing this project solidified my desire to help people.”
Congratulations on completing your Eagle Scout Service Project, Isaac!