16 Pianists Perform in Honors Recital

They know how to tap those 88 keys in masterful ways: Sixteen Norfolk Academy students performed piano pieces in the The Honors Recital on Feb. 27. These young musicians, who were nominated by their teachers on the basis of skill and consistent work ethic, performed at a "screening recital" the week before the event.

In addition to hearing some very advanced music by Schubert, Debussy, Liszt, Beethoven, and Bach, the audience was treated to chamber music in the form of two  piano duets (four-hand piano) performed by Jonah and Joe Bakkar.

The concert was recorded live via N.A. TV by Ed Patterson, who teaches film studies and broadcasting in the Upper School. Many of the performers’ fans (family members living around the country) watched the concert as it unfolded.

Teachers of the students are Kecia Yeates, who also directs the Lower School concert band; Annette Curtis; Walter Noona; Gayle Pougher; and Mary Wick.

Participants in the Honors Recital were as follows:

Rachael Buchanan ’24
Joe Bakkar ’24
Jonah Bakkah ’27
John Grunwald ’24
Julia Wainger ’23
Riley McElligott ’23
William Bland ’22
Owen Johnson ’23
Zoë Jones ’24
Laura Read ’20
Dian Chen ’24
Mac Moore ’21
Mila Colizza ’18
Catherine Moore ’18
Arman Shekarriz ’19
Reagan Richardson ’18