Norfolk Academy Alumni Receive Major Awards at Princeton University

Norfolk Academy had an alumni “micro-reunion” at Princeton University’s Alumni Day on Saturday, February 24, when two Norfolk Academy alumni received significant university recognition.  

Jennifer Daniels ’89 ( Princeton ‘93), who currently serves as Chair of the Princeton Alumni Association, presided over the awards ceremony in Jadwin Gym.  At that ceremony, Maggie Pecsok ’14, who will graduate from Princeton this spring with a concentration in psychology, received the Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize for scholarship, strength of character, and effective leadership. The prize is Princeton’s top undergraduate award; she was co-winner with a student from Tennessee.

At the same ceremony, John O. "Dubby" Wynne ’63 ( Princeton ’67) received the Harold Helm Award for sustained annual giving leadership. His 50th reunion class set the all-time, all-class annual giving record of $11,006,767 with 81.2% participation.

It was an altogether remarkable day for the Bulldogs ... and the Princeton Tigers!

Article about Maggie Pecsok's work leading to the Pyne Prize.