Brother Rutter ’82, Connoisseur of Contemporary Art, featured in Regional Magazine

C. Arthur “Brother” Rutter III ’82 is known throughout the region for his work as a managing partner at Rutter Mills, a law firm specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice, and workers' compensation; he is the face of the firm on billboards and the firm’s voice in television ads.

However, Mr. Rutter and his wife, Meredith, are also enthusiastic and knowledgeable collectors of contemporary art, and it is that passion for unusual, pioneering art that landed Mr. Rutter on the cover of CoVaBiz, the business magazine of coastal Virginia. The article in the December/January issue explores the roots of Mr. Rutter’s zest for discovering exciting artists, and his involvement in the local arts; he and his wife purchased the century-old Texaco Building in Norfolk’s NEON Art District, renovated it, and made it the headquarters of the Rutter Family Art Foundation, an exhibition space for local and Virginia artists.

The article features photos of some of Mr. Rutter’s most unusual pieces, many of which he willingly loans to museums and galleries across the nation.

Read the article here and then consider visiting the Rutter Family Art Foundation and the NEON Art District.