Faculty Spotlight: Marianne Tembe

Teacher - Lower School Science
Department and Program Affiliations:
Lower School; Science


Academic background:
B.S., Elementary Education, Bridgewater State University
How long have you been at Norfolk Academy?
This is my 14th year at Norfolk Academy.

Tell us why you wanted to become an educator:
Growing up I had some great teachers and some not so great teachers and I really wanted to be a great teacher and help people love learning.

What most excites you about working at Norfolk Academy?
I love our faculty, students and parents because they are so kind and dedicated to making the world a better place. We value education and intelligence and we are wicked funny.

Norfolk Academy is unique because…
...everyone loves being here!

Last book read:
George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Stephen and Lucy Hawking

What do you like to do in your own time/when you’re not working?  
I love to go to the beach, play golf, and garden. I love travelling and visiting museums, art galleries, and live entertainment around the world. I have visited many national parks and hiked them with my family.
Favorite food?

A movie is being made about your life. Who would they cast to play you?
I like Maggie Smith but my sons think it would be Reese Witherspoon.
Fun fact your students might not know about you/might find surprising:
I have flown in a jet and landed on an aircraft carrier.

“When I grow up, I want to be…”