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A Culture of Caring and Shared Responsibility

“We do not know what the local situation will be in late August, but we know that our plan, as it takes on more detailed shape, will seek to accommodate the needs of every Bulldog family and meet the educational needs of every child while keeping safety at the forefront. It’s a tall order, but we are fortunate to have the resources to meet this extraordinary moment—starting with our faculty and staff, who have the expertise, experience, and passion to serve the educational needs of each child; our expansive campus, providing ample space indoors and out; and technology, which we have continued to expand throughout this summer. Above all we have the innovation, imagination, energy, and spirit to turn our vision into reality."

Headmaster Dennis Manning

Plan for Reopening - Fall 2020

Bulldog Safe and Strong

Frequently Asked Questions

Norfolk Academy may update or amend this Reopening Plan as operating conditions change and/or as direction or guidance from the Virginia Department of Health determines.

For further information about proper selection, care, and use of masks, please see the resources provided here.

In an effort to upgrade our distance learning capacity, we have installed quality cameras and audio in classrooms. These enhancements in technology will allow teachers to provide simultaneous instruction to students in the classroom and those who may need to engage in distance learning.