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senior and first grade girls

Whom to Contact:

Main Switchboard (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.): 757-461-6236
    Mrs. Becky Horstman and Mrs. Margaret Zontini
Extension Dial and Voice Mail Access: 757-461-2223

Security: 757-452-6899 or 757-681-6262 (cell)
Office of the Head of School: Mr. Travis Larrabee
    Asst. to the Head of School: Mrs. Caroline Furr, 757-452-6819
Lower School Office: Mrs. Tami Kamarek, 757-452-6788, and Mrs. Michelle LaVigne, 757-452-6789
Middle School Office: Mrs. Sharon Bousman, 757-452-6829
Upper School Office: Mrs. Heather Kemp, 757-452-6846

Athletics:  Mr. Chad Byler
Admissions:  Mrs. Sarah Smythe
Bulldog Bookstore:  Mrs. Kitty Signorelli
Business Office: Mr. Jeff Martin
Student Billing: Ms. Katharine Clark
Clinic: Mrs. Torie Porter, 757-452-6790
College Counseling: Mrs. Jennifer Scott
Communications/News: Mrs. Esther Diskin
    Guidance, Grades 1-3: Ms. Katie Aladj
    Guidance, Grades 4-6:  Mrs. Susan Duquette
    Guidance, Middle:  Mrs. Elizabeth Glassman
    Guidance, Upper:  Dr. Graham Hudgins (Cell - 757-636-6418)
Development Office: Dr. Grayson Bryant
Division Directors
    Lower School: Mrs. Michelle Alexander
    Middle School: Mr. Jeff Boyd
    Upper School: Mrs. Linda Gorsline
Enrichment at the Academy: Mrs. Anita Pozin
International Programs: Mr. Jack Gibson
    Cooper (LS): Mrs. Stacy Dobbs - Grades 4-6
                          Mrs. Madelyn Kresinske - Grades 1-3
    Batten (MS/US): Mrs. Lynn Paul
Summer at the Academy: Mrs. Anita Pozin
Volunteering: Mrs. Néné Dougherty
Website: Mrs. Kim Yager
Yearbook: Ms. Mary Todd Glascock