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It's so important to keep exercising during this time of distance learning. Our coaching and training staff have provided these fun fitness challenges, designed for middle and upper school students. Keep moving and stay fit and Bulldog Strong! 

Students: Make sure you follow the latest social distancing guidelines, and don't exert yourself past your limit. 

hand weights

Countdown Challenge

  1. Burpees
  2. Hollow Rock
  3. Reverse Lunges
  4. Diamond Push Ups
  5. Tuck Jumps
  6. Wall Sit

Rep Scheme is a “10 Set Countdown From 10 Reps”. Wall sit increases by 10 seconds with each round.–break it up into smaller increments if needed)

  • 10 Reps Each Exercise (10-second wall sit)
  • 9 Reps Each Exercise (20-second wall sit)
  • 8 Reps Each Exercise (30-second wall sit)

...and so on up to 100-second wall sit.

21-15-9 Fitness Challenge

Perform 3 exercises in the 21, 15, 9 rep scheme. Perform the workout in as short a time as possible. If you cannot complete all the exercises in a row (unbroken), split the set up into smaller sets.

  • Round 1 => 21 Reps Each Exercise
  • Round 2 => 15 Reps Each Exercise
  • Round 3 => 9 Reps Each Exercise

Rocket Squat Jumps (5 count down, explode up)
Jumping Jack Push Up (feet out on the way down)
Hanging Knee Raise (keep core tight)

Monaco AMRAP Challenge

Perform as many rounds as possible of the following sequenced exercises for 5 minutes. Take a 60 Second break. Then do the AMRAP again for another 5 minutes. Beat your last record!

  1. Mountain Climbers x 10 Reps
  2. Bodyweight Squats x 10 Reps
  3. Push Ups x 10 Rep
  4. Burpees x 10 Reps
  5. Leg Lifts x 10 Reps

War with Cards Challenge

Play a classic game of “War” with a deck of cards. Each suit is a different exercise. If you lose the round of war, you must perform the number of reps on the card. Keep playing several rounds until there is a winner…and you are exhausted!

  • Clubs: BW Squats
  • Hearts: Incline Push Ups
  • Diamonds: BW Dips
  • Spades: Russian Twists

Reps for each card:

  • All numbered cards (2 –10) perform that number of reps.
  • Ace = 1 Rep
  • Jack = 11 Reps
  • Queen = 12 Reps
  • King = 13 Reps

Tabata Skiing Fitness Challenge

Time to go skiing!  Please use the Tabata "work to rest" ratios of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.      

Perform 4 minutes (8 rounds) of Cross Country, move on to 4 minutes (8 rounds) of Lateral Ski Hops and finish with 4 minutes (8 rounds) of Plank Ski Abs.

  • Cross Country - Straight arms and legs.
  • Lateral Ski Hops - Land softly, both feet together.
  • Plank Ski Abs - Keep core tight.

Tabata Timer on YouTube: qbyTVGA

Spell Your Name Challenge

Step 1 –Spell Your Full Name -No Abbreviations!
Step 2 –For each letter, perform the corresponding exercise.
Step 3 –Go Workout!

A = 10 Each Bird Dogs
B = 15 Sec Each Side Plank
C = 10 Burpees
D = 30 Sec Jumping Jacks
E = 20 Air Squats
F = 30 GluteBridges
G = 25 Sky Crunches
H = 10 PlyoClap Push Ups
I = 10 Each Plank Shoulder Taps
J = 10 Each Forward Lunges
K = 50 Standing Calf Raises
L = 30 Sec Mountain Climbers
M = 25 Sit Ups
N= 20 Each Bicycle Crunch
O= 30 Second Wall Sit
P = 5 Each Single Leg Squat
Q= 10 Each Reverse Lunges
R= 30 Sec Squat Jumps
S= 10 Push Ups
T= 30 Sec Butt Kickers
U = 1 Minute Forearm Plank
V = 30 Russian Twists
W= 10 Each Lateral Lunges
X= 30 Sec Supine Leg Raise
Y= 30 Sec High Knees
Z = 20 Dips on Chair

Pyramid Challenge

Perform 7 Rounds of this Pyramid:  

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 High Knees
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 10 Plank Jump Ins
  • Perform all 7 rounds in as short a time as possible.  

Plank Challenge

Perform this Plank Circuit three times for a great core workout!

  • Plank Walkouts x 10 Reps
  • Plank Jacks x 10 Reps
  • Plank Down, Down, Up, Up x 10 Reps Each
  • Plank Toe Touches x 10 Reps Each
  • Spider Planks x 10 Reps Each   

Animal Fitness Challenge

Perform 3 to 5 rounds of the following animal influenced exercises in the shortest time possible. 

  • Bear Crawls x 10 Yards
  • Spider Push Ups x 5 Reps Each
  • Dead Bug x 10 Reps Each
  • Frog Jumps x 10 Reps
  • Crab Toe Touch x 10 Reps Each


Coach Watson's Hip Routine

  1. On Right Side: Clamshell for 20 Reps
    Salt Shaker for 20 Reps
  2. On Left Side: Clamshell for 20 Reps
    Salt Shaker for 20 Reps
  3. On Back with RIGHT Knee Up:
    Knee to Chest –Breathe + Pull for 3 Reps
    Knee to Armpit -Breathe + Pull for 3 Reps
    Grab Heel (Flex Foot) -Breathe + Pull for 3 Reps
  4. On Back with LEFT Knee Up:
    Knee to Chest –Breathe + Pull for 3 Reps
    Knee to Armpit -Breathe + Pull for 3 Reps
    Grab Heel (Flex Foot) -Breathe + Pull for 3 Reps
  5. On Back Knee Circles
    8 Reps Inward Rotation
    8 Reps Outward Rotation
  6. Groin Stretch -Right Leg Straight, Left Leg Bent
    Groin Stretch -Left Leg Straight Right Leg Bent
    Switch Groin Stretch -10 times (5 Each)


Crazy 8's Challenge

Perform 8 Rounds:  

  • 8 Reps of Hand Release Push Ups  
  • 8 Reps of Jump Squats  
  • 8 Reps of V-Sit Slow Heel Taps

Perform all 8 rounds in as short a time as possible.

Push Up/Pull Up Challenge

Every Minute On the Minute +1 Rep
(start the exercise at the beginning of the minute) 

  • First Minute => 1 Push Up, 1 Pull Up
  • Second Minute => 2 Push Ups, 2 Pull Ups
  • Third Minute => 3 Push Ups, 3 Pull Ups
  • Fourth Minute => 4 Push Ups, 4 Pull Ups
  • Fifth Minute => 5 Push Ups, 5 Pull Ups

Continue with this progression until you run out of time or reach failure.

Iso Hold Challenge

Perform each exercise with a 20 second hold. Take a 10 second rest and move to the next exercise. A round is completed when you do all 6 exercises. Complete 8 rounds with a 60 second rest between rounds.

  1. Split Squat IsoHold (Each Leg)
  2. Top of Pull Up IsoHold (or W Squeeze)
  3. V Up IsoHold
  4. Push Up IsoHold (squeeze hands together)
  5. Hamstring IsoHold (Each Leg)
  6. Superman IsoHold

Cardio Fitness Challenge

Perform each exercise for allotted time. Take a 30 Second Rest between each round. 

  • First Round = 15 Seconds Each Exercise
  • Second Round = 30 Seconds Each Exercise
  • Third Round = 45 Seconds Each Exercise
  • Fourth Round = 60 Seconds Each Exercise 

Raise the Roof Jumping Jacks (Extend)
Split Lunge Hops (Hands on Hips, Chest Up)
Switch Kicks (Elbows and Core Stay Tight)
Skater Hops (Control the Landing)
Squat Pulse Hops (Stay Low. Chest Up)

Coach Watson's “Get Those Abs"

Perform each core exercise for 45 seconds with great form and technique. Control is everything! Repeat for as many rounds as you wish.

  1. Bicycle Crunch
  2. Alternating Leg Kicks
  3. Leg Raise
  4. Boom and Twist
  5. Boom and Twist w/ Straight Arms and Legs
  6. Crunches

Deck of Cards Challenge

Go through an entire deck of cards and perform exercises prescribed in the shortest time possible. Do the number of reps as shown on the card.

  • Diamonds: Diamond Push Ups
  • Clubs: Core Sky Crunch
  • Hearts: High Knees w/ Arms Out
  • Spades: Lateral Lunges

Special Cards:

  • Any Jack = Skip 1 Card
  • Any Queen = Skip 2 Cards
  • Any King = Skip 3 Cards
  • Any Ace = Do the previous card again

Bulldog 300 Challenge

Perform all 300 reps in as short a time as possible. Complete the exercises in any order. Split up the exercises and repetitions however you want.

  • 100 Burpees
  • 100 Reverse Lunge with Twist
  • 100 Supine Leg Raises

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