Visual Arts

The walls in the Lower and Middle Schools, the Perrel Art Gallery, and the Cooper Photography Gallery showcase art created by our students in grades one through twelve.

Studio Art

Beginning in first grade, students participate in a creative classroom experience in which they study sculpture, painting, pottery, and other media.  Ninth graders are required to take one semester of Studio Art.  Upper Schoolers may continue their exploration of visual art through Art History classes or through elective Studio Art classes.

Building on a firm basis of the elements and principles of art, the Upper School Studio Art classes meet the talents and needs of each individual student. We instill visual maturity and acuity as we teach students to produce work in a wide variety of media. We afford the time needed to concentrate, relax and focus. Our students' art is seen, evaluated, criticized, and responded to by classmates, instructors, and the public.


Film Study classes offer a comprehensive survey of the art, history, and techniques of film; classes are designed for the novice film maker and more serious film students alike. Students are exposed to some of the greatest films ever made and write interpretations and evaluations employing essential film terminology learned during class discussions. Class work includes lectures, viewing, analysis of individual scenes and shots, and in-depth discussions.  Film Study students complete an original film project by the conclusion of the course.