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Visual Arts

2 students in art class

The walls in the Lower and Middle Schools, the Perrel Art Gallery, and the Cooper Photography Gallery showcase art created by our students in grades one through twelve.


Art History

Students with an interest in art may take one or two semesters of art history, which covers art from prehistoric caves to the early Renaissance (first semester), and Romanesque art to contemporary masterpieces (second semester). Students explore the relationship of art to society, and they find inspiration for their own creative exploration.

Lower School Art

All Lower School students take art as a resource class, where they learn to delight in stretching their imaginative and expressive abilities. Each year includes a cycle of projects appropriate to children’s developmental stage in learning. Drawing, painting, origami, and pottery are just a few of the avenues of artistry.

Film Studies

Students learn about the evolution of the moving image from the earliest shadow shows to contemporary film. They gain hands-on experience in filmmaking and editing techniques with an emphasis on writing, editing, and directing.

9th Grade Studio Art

Students discover art as a means of personal expression and communication; they explore the features of materials used to create art and design principles that shape their choices. They have access to an array of media, including pastels, watercolor and acrylic paints, and three-dimensional materials such as clay, wood, glass, and plaster.

Sculpture Lab

Students in Studio Art 2 and 3 have access to the sculpture lab, which provides tools for creating art in a variety of media, including, wood, metal, clay, and even some nontraditional materials. Students in these courses work toward creating a portfolio of artistic work and developing critical analysis through class critiques.

Studio Art

Upper School artists unleash their creativity in a wide array of media. Studio Art 1 offers skill-building in drawing, painting, and print-making. As students progress to Studio Art 2-3, the opportunities expand; they can explore ceramics, or pursue 3D sculpture in metal, wood, and clay. Many also pursue multimedia projects and learn to use digital art tools.