Alumni in the Arts

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  • Performing Arts - Instrumental and Vocal Music

    Johnathan Sturm ’79, Concertmaster, Des Moines Symphony
    Steve Weisberg ’81, Composer, arranger, and pianist and international recording artist and producer
    Andrew Martens ’83, Opera singer
    Joseph Webster ’86, Concert and opera singer
    Behzad Dayanim ’88, Founder, lead vocalist and band leader, Berach Orchestra
    Erin McGrew Herndon ’88, Concert singer and music director
    Bill Culverhouse ’89, Opera singer; Director of Choral Activities, Earlham College
    Danielle Smith-Llera ’89, Visual artist and author
    Matthew VanHoose ’89, Pianist, Musician in Residence, American University
    Rita Addico-Cohen ’91, Opera singer
    Ken Legum ’93, Former Musical Director, New York
    Sara Murphy ’93, Opera Singer
    Laura Coker ’96, Audio Engineer, National Press Club
    Tim Oliver ’97, Opera singer, Dresden Opera 
    Derrick Englert '01, Professional bassist
    Bay McLaughlin ’02, Composer
    Jay Flippen '07, Composer
  • Performing Arts - Theater, Film and Television

    Sherri Boone ’85, Actress and opera singer, New York
    Dan Ethridge ’86, Television and film producer, Los Angeles
    Dawn Anderson ’87, Actress and Art Director, film, television, commercials
    Kevin Grant ’89, Video production technician
    Perry Moore ‘90*, Author, Executive Film Producer – Walden Media
    Sean Dugan ’92, Professional actor, theater, film, television
    Darren Leung '92, Film producer and actor, China
    Amelia Zontini ’95, Professional actress, film, television, and commercials, professional film and theater wardrobe and costume designer
    Jason Kypros ’96, Actor and production assistant, television and theater
    Christina Sussman ’96, Drama teacher, New York
    Ashanti Blaize ’98, News reporter
    Briana Yacavone ’98, Actress, theater, New York
    Katie Higham-Kessler ’99, Professional dancer
    Martha Goode ’99, Theater producer, New York
    Erin Smiley ’99, Theater producer and director, New York
    Cliff Williams '99, Actor and Fight Director for theatre and film
    Leif Lindhjem ’00, Screenwriter
    James Heyworth '02, Professional Actor, theater, film, television
    Walt Irby ’03, Filmmaker
    Eric Lombart ’03, Filmmaker
    Ashley Skidmore ’08, Professional Actress, theater, film, television
  • Visual Arts

    George Bennett '63, Photographer
    Sam Sebren '80, Photographer
    Cynthia Rector-Jones '68, Painter
    Katherine Wallace ’84, visual artist (jewelry)
    Mark Campbell '86, Artist
    Christopher Watters ’96, Assistant Conservator, Clemson Conservation Center
  • Non-Performing Arts

    Anne M. Toewe '83, Resident Costume Designer, University of North Colorado and Union Costume Designer, United Scenic Artists local 829
    Rick Mersel ’86, Executive, concert production company
    Jane Magpoc ’89, National Entertainment Manager, Entertainment Cruises
    Allison Wolcott ’93, Writer
    Bryan Duquette ’96, Concert promoter and festival producer
    Brian Ahern '97, Music Agent and Partner, WME, Beverly Hills, CA
    Preston Whiteway '00, Executive Director of the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center
    Ben Tedeschi '02, Industrial Designer
    Sarah Wick '04, Music Therapist
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