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Norfolk Academy develops civic-minded, socially aware and active leaders as an essential component of our educational program.

Our approach to Leadership is rooted in central tenets of the school’s Statement of Philosophy and Objectives -- above all, its focus on character development: “To live by our conviction that sound moral and spiritual values define the individual in a more significant way than academic achievement.”

From the moment our youngest students step to the front of the class to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and present a creative project as Boy or Girl of the Day, they begin learning about leadership. That is just the beginning. Our students learn about leadership through the intersection of academics, co-curricular, and extra-curricular involvement, and their journeys to understanding leadership reflect the individual choices they make along the way. Some may serve as members of our Middle or Upper School Honor Councils, or as Fellows in the Batten Leadership Program. Others may be recognized by their peers as leaders in classroom discussions, creative pursuits, or athletics. The choice lies with each student.

I have realized that true leadership involves a great deal of empathy. It is impossible to lead others without understanding their objectives and aspirations and synthesizing them into one coherent message. Implementing solutions requires empathetic leadership.

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Every student has an array of opportunities to emerge as a confident leader who…

  • Treats others with integrity and respect

  • Serves those in need

  • Communicates effectively and with versatility in speaking and writing

  • Listens with empathy and seeks to understand others’ perspectives

  • Embodies the courage to act on their values and to challenge paradigms and convention

  • Demonstrates honor through words and actions

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