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The Fellows Program at Norfolk Academy has grown and changed during these past ten years but has remained committed to encouraging highly engaged students to work hard to understand hard problems and contribute to solving them.  Our students understand that ambiguity and embracing the iterative nature of these endeavors is part of the process. This past school year in particular has presented challenges none of us could have possibly expected.  How does a program that relies heavily on experiential learning continue to thrive when a global pandemic and social upheaval prevents students from having firsthand experiences? Directors and students in our programs have met these challenges head on, focusing on rediscovering our personal and corporate purposes and attempting to move forward with courage and determination. Please visit each cohort's blog to see how the Fellows Program at Norfolk Academy continues to produce principled, civic-minded leaders who can effect change.

New ideas, collaboration, and discussing issues--these are all vital components of facing the world’s problems, but in the end, real change comes down to action. At a point, leaders need to not only
motivate others, but to step up and take action themselves.

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