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I joined the Literacy Fellows in ninth grade because I wanted to serve younger children in my community who are under-sourced but eager to better their lives through education. As a program, we go to Tidewater Park Elementary once a week, tutoring them in English and constantly forming new relationships. Whether it is reading a book about Spiderman, or talking about which meal at Popeyes is the best, each time we walk through the doors to their cafeteria/auditorium/gym, there is a feeling of friendship and love. For almost six years we have maintained a strong relationship with the school, watching kids grow older and smarter as the years go on. Year after year they continue to amaze us, and they are honestly some of most intellectual children I have ever met. Establishing personal connections with each kid is challenging, but one girl, Nihjonne, asked me to help her write a scholarship application to multiple magnet middle schools. For months we worked on her essays, and her spirit remained determined as ever. Every week I would walk into TPE, and she would run up to me, eager to show me all she had done in the six days we had not seen each other. It was inspiring. Three months after submitting the application, I received a call from the school. The director of the writing club told me someone needed to speak with me, it was Nihjonne. I will never forget pride in her voice when she told me that she had done it. She was accepted into all the schools she had applied to, and I knew she was really going places.

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