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Batten Leadership Fellows

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Fellows Programs provide students who have demonstrated a capacity for leadership and engagement with a four-year multi-disciplinary, academic and experiential leadership experience.

New ideas, collaboration, and discussing issues--these are all vital components of facing the world’s problems, but in the end, real change comes down to action. At a point, leaders need to not only
motivate others, but to step up and take action themselves.

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Fellows Programs

Chesapeake Bay

Through an interdisciplinary approach that extends education beyond the classroom (includes working with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation), the program engages Fellows in environmental scholarship incorporating science, English, math, history, political science, and the arts.

Engineering, Design, and Innovation (EDI)

Recognizing the potential for engineering and design to promote equity and improve lives, the program empowers students to develop creative responses to infrastructure challenges facing vulnerable populations in Hampton Roads and around the world.

Global Affairs

The Global Affairs Fellows seek to make the world a more peaceful and just place. Through case studies, simulations, independent research, and collaboration with community partners both locally and abroad, students develop a deeper understanding of the conflicts and challenges created by globalization and learn how to craft and communicate their own solutions to complex global problems.

Global Health

Employing an interdisciplinary approach that extends beyond the classroom, Fellows study global health interventions, particularly in resource-limited settings such as Haiti and Belize, via case study analysis, in-country experience, independent research, international peer collaboration, and preprofessional internships.


Understanding that skills in reading and writing are crucial for empowered and responsible citizens, the program serves to advance literacy as a way to break cycles of poverty in Hampton Roads and beyond. Fellows work to develop their own writing ability, while collaborating with outside organizations and communities to gain knowledge of the far-reaching implications of literacy.