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A Tribute to Our Seniors

As we approach the end of the Year of Integrity we are proud to explore the accomplishments, dreams, and future plans of the Class of 2024!  

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Lee Acra

“Norfolk Academy has left an important impact on my leadership skills. Throughout my 12 years I have become a better communicator and leader.” 

Lizzie Adams

“Norfolk Academy has encouraged me to pursue my interests by equipping me with the resources, knowledge, and guidance to do so. NA’s emphasis on being involved in the communities to which we belong is something I will take with me beyond graduation.” 

Conner Alex

“I will never forget the friends this place helped me create over my time here.” 

Katie Auerbach

“Saying goodbye to this supportive place and sense of community will be tough on me.” 

Rebecca Auerbach

“NA has taught me the importance of hard work and taking advantage of what one has — ideas that will stick with me throughout my future.” 

Leah Avery

“I believe I have been a role model for younger students. I try to bring everyone into whatever activity I may be doing. This could be a One Love fundraiser or just getting as many people to sporting events as possible.” 

Lucy Avery

“NA puts so much time into teaching people how to be leaders and how to know your own leadership style. I think I have become a better leader and person as a result.” 

Juan Báez-Niño

“Making friendships with teachers is what I value most at Norfolk Academy.”

Joe Bakkar

“Norfolk Academy taught me the importance of leadership, not just as a quality, but as a blueprint for success in life. Leadership Lab, Student Council, and the Batten Leadership Program are just a few of the groups that have helped me become the leader I am today.” 

Reagan Bandy

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me by teaching independence. I have grown to be an independent person and I could not be happier or prouder with the outcome of my NA career.” 

Lucy Baughman

“The work ethic that Norfolk Academy encourages in students is special.” 

 Sarah Bazil

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of being part of something bigger than myself. Working towards a greater mission has made me a better person.” 

Emilie Beasley

“Not many schools have the same nurturing and caring atmosphere that NA does. The teachers are always understanding and compassionate. The students, throughout many grades, have grown to be people I can trust and ones I care for.” 

Brooke Bettencourt

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of a well-rounded life. I have developed a love for learning, athletics, arts, and community engagement that I wouldn't get from anywhere else.” 

Shelby Beverly

“Norfolk Academy has pushed me to think in new and different ways. I feel that through class and other avenues, I try to look at situations through a new lens in which I ask questions that I would not have thought of before. Norfolk Academy created an intellectuality in me that I will carry with me throughout my life.” 

Sam Bibeau

“The people at Norfolk Academy helped me improve myself through their friendliness and academic support. I have had many life-changing teachers whose explanations have helped me forever understand difficult concepts.” 

Carey Boone

“Norfolk Academy will leave an impact on my ability to connect with people. NA has improved my ability to talk to and have a genuine conversation with anyone. NA has pushed me outside of my comfort zone in this area, and I am grateful for it.” 

Taylor Boone

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to be a diligent, hard-working student. The school has instilled qualities that will benefit me for the rest of my life.” 

Christian Brooks

“Norfolk Academy has strengthened my ability to multitask and handle a lot at once.” 

Rachael Buchanan

“Starting in Lower School, the curriculum encourages logical organization of thoughts. Having spent 11 years at the Academy, I feel confident in my ability to persuasively convey my thoughts to others, whether through writing or speaking.” 

Julian Burke

“NA has left a lasting impact on me by showing the value of a trusting, tight-knit community. So much of what makes NA great would not be possible without the trust we all have in each other. The enthusiastic support we all show makes us greater than we could ever be alone.” 

Kaiya Burnell-Grant

“We are blessed to have a wide variety of opportunities at NA that lead to making new friends, finding a new passion, or just an overall great experience.” 

Matthew Camardella

“Partaking in activities that I initially did not find the most appealing gave me the opportunity to discover new areas of interest, and I was determined to get as much out of the learning experiences as I could. NA has taught me to make the most of these opportunities.” 

Noelle Chaing

“The Honor System has taught me the importance of staying true to myself. I appreciate having been taught about honor starting at a young age.” 

Jack Chesson

“Norfolk Academy has given me friends and teachers who I will know for a lifetime.” 

Jack Clayton

“NA has left a lasting impact on me through my writing. I became a much better writer by taking English classes with Mrs. Hopkins and Mr. Zito.”  

William Cole

“Norfolk Academy fosters a community of hard work and character. The dress code, mentorship, immense friendliness, and tradition of community engagement have all instilled in me a piece of how to be a leader and what it means to be a citizen.” 

Oliver Coleman

“At Norfolk Academy I’ve made friendships that I hope to keep forever.” 

Carrie Collenberg

“In interacting with my teachers I've learned how to respectfully interact with adults, but also how I hope to interact with younger students, teammates, and coworkers.” 

Whitney Collenberg

“Norfolk Academy has made a lasting impact on me because I realized I was able to talk to teachers who treat me like their peer.” 

Layla Compton

“One way in which NA has left a lasting impact on me is through instilling strong study skills and habits. Norfolk Academy has given me the tools I need to be successful throughout the rest of my education.” 

Jack Copeland

“The individualized attention I have received from almost every faculty member has enabled me to become a smarter student and a more engaged, considerate, and thoughtful person.” 

Will Crouch

“Norfolk Academy has developed my confidence and ability to lead. Through Leadership Lab, Fellows, and the Senior Speech program, I’ve had the opportunity to get out of my shell, take on novel and challenging projects, and develop experience in public speaking.” 

Yasmin Danso

“The Norfolk Academy community is unlike any other. As a community we can come together and support one another through hardship. Throughout my time at NA, I have fostered so many friendships.” 

Van Deans

“Norfolk Academy has helped me figure out how to lead, through both Leadership Lab and in athletics.” 

Dylan Defoor

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of balance in life. Academics and athletics both are important and allow us to be who we truly are.” 

Carrie DeLeon

“Norfolk Academy has taught me how to interact with adults with confidence and create strong relationships with my teachers and coaches. This skill will benefit me greatly in the future with professors and employers.” 

Anne Earp

“Norfolk Academy has surrounded me with a supportive community. Though I have not known my classmates since first grade, they welcomed me and made me feel as though I belonged.” 

Ryan Evans

“Norfolk Academy has instilled in me a work ethic that I will be able to bring with me for years to come. Through our Honor System, Norfolk Academy has allowed me to consider the importance of honor and integrity in all my actions.” 

Ethan Eveleigh

“Norfolk Academy has given me the drive for success. I hold myself to the highest standard, and I think that came from how my teachers stressed working hard.”

Mills Everett

“Norfolk Academy has made me a better writer and public speaker. From Mrs. Hopkins’ writing intensive class in ninth grade to various speeches and presentations we give, my confidence has grown and my writing has developed.” 

Jacob Ezieme

“Norfolk Academy has imbued me with the tenets of honor and community. With the values I have learned here, I hope to bring other spaces of learning the same academic sanctity that I enjoy.” 

Bree Faulkner

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of having an honorable and passionate community. My favorite part of NA has always been the people, and my time in the Upper School has shown me that immersing myself in a strong community is vital to having a successful and happy life.” 

Ann Randolph Furr

“Norfolk Academy has helped me develop public speaking skills that will last me my whole life. This talent has already proved helpful in many areas."

Tucker Gaddy

“Norfolk Academy has prepared me for life better than other schools might have. The opportunities that NA offers are like nowhere else.” 

Sasha Gilliard

“Engaging in community outreach programs has instilled in me a deep sense of social responsibility. The commitment to giving back has become an integral part of my values, influencing my actions beyond the school gates. It has contributed to my personal growth as a compassionate individual.” 

Ann Gray Golpira

“There's undoubtedly an organization within these walls for each and every individual, and the resources and connections they can provide are incredible.” 

Zahir Griffith

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of discipline and thinking in creative ways to adapt.” 

John Grunwald

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of responsibility, integrity, and dedication. These key principles will serve as a blueprint to follow for the rest of my life.” 

Cate Gusentine

“Norfolk Academy's Advanced Leadership Lab Maymester has left a lasting impact. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone and allowed me to connect with people on a deeper level. I met some of my best friends on Maymester.” 

Susie Guzik

“Ms. Bisi and I are working on adding a student-portrait program to the Fall Play. Doing the painting for Harvey meant a lot to me and I think doing something similar will mean a lot to other artists down the road.” 

Zachary Harbison

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of managing my time such that I can balance my many passions, and it has taught me the value of picking up new passions and challenging myself academically.” 

Srivarun Hathwar

“Norfolk Academy has left an impact on me by helping me see the whole person. I have learned to not only improve my mind but also my body.” 

Charles Hope

“Norfolk Academy has instilled in me a way to treat others. I think the lessons I've learned from interactions and from my environment will shape the way I live in the future.” 

Richard Hope

“Norfolk Academy has instilled in me the importance of integrity and honor. I have learned the importance of being a friendly face and a good person in any circumstance. I will hold the values I have learned here close and continue to let them shape my character wherever I find myself in the future.” 

Cole Houfek

“Of all the things I’ve experienced at Norfolk Academy, rowing has been my favorite. I enjoyed rowing because it gave me something to do in the spring season and I had a blast doing it.” 

Liam Howard

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me by teaching some of the most important lessons in life, such as integrity and kindness.” 

Plyler Hunter

“Norfolk Academy creates a great learning environment because all of the students are intelligent, but also strive to be the best students they can be, which makes everyone try as hard as they can.” 

Wyatt Janney

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on my ability to connect with all types of people. The lessons I have learned through being a teammate are endless, from looking up to older guys, to then being in the middle of the pack, and to now being a senior. I have grown a lot by being held accountable and holding others accountable as well.” 

Kate Jarvis

“The relationships between faculty and students have left the greatest impact upon me. I am so grateful for the way NA encourages communication and connections between teachers, advisors, and students.” 

Zoë Jones

“Norfolk Academy has taught me how to be a good citizen and contribute to and celebrate the community around me. I will always strive to create the welcoming environment, sense of camaraderie, and trust that my school fosters.” 

Sydney Joynt

“I hope I have left an impact on Norfolk Academy through making meaningful relationships with underclassmen. Having friends from different grade levels allows me different perspectives, whether it be during the car ride coming home from swim practice or in discussions about climate issues in Chesapeake Bay Fellows.” 

Madison Kay

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to appreciate my community and to have grit.” 

Rhea Khanna

“Norfolk Academy has given me the tools to succeed both academically and in terms of character. I've learned how to think critically through taking rigorous classes, but I've also learned how to help others through programs like Peer Counseling.” 

Andrew Kim

“Norfolk Academy Varsity Soccer helped me discover how much it means to play for not just myself but for the team and the school.” 

Max Lagow

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the true meaning of always being honorable and how to communicate well with different people.” 

Owen Larrabee

“Norfolk Academy, while not being in my life for long, has had a great impact on me. I’ve made some of my best friends, and the connections I have established through the school have been extremely helpful.” 

Toye Lawani

“Norfolk Academy has taught me balance — how to balance sports and extracurriculars while still performing well academically. I know that this foundation will take me far in life both in college and beyond.”  

Isabella Leon

“I love that through my extracurricular activities, be it art, Fellows, or Aftercare, these groups allowed me to get to know my classmates better in a different setting.” 

Parker Lesley

“Remember that your life experience is your own. Be yourself and don't worry about what other people think.” 

Nate Levin

“Norfolk Academy has instilled a sense of integrity in me. Most of all, the Honor Code left a lasting impact.” 

Carter Lucas

“Norfolk Academy has left me with lifelong friends and relationships. I will forever cherish my time here and will use the lessons I was taught in and out of the classroom forever.” 

Emerson Marling

“There is no other environment where you can leave something on a table out in the open and be certain it will be there when you return. Norfolk Academy has given me a group of trusting friends and peers and shown us all how to find a safe environment.” 

Max McCoy

“After tearing my ACL in the preseason, the support I received from my football coaches but also my teammates is something I will never forget and will always appreciate.” 

Ava McGhee

“I consistently get compliments on how professionally I hold myself, from a handshake when meeting new people to the high level of speech I use in conversation. I attribute this success to NA’s emphasis on and commitment to professional greeting, dress, and conversation on a daily basis.” 

Ryan Monnet

“Norfolk Academy has made me feel like a real part of a community, and I will continue to cherish my membership in such a great community.” 

Jayden Moore

“The faculty here care about you, whether it’s in the classroom, on the field, or anywhere else. They take their jobs seriously and want us to succeed.” 

Sarah Morolari

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of work ethic and perseverance.” 

Jack Murphy

“I have learned so much from the people around me at Norfolk Academy, students and teachers alike, and hope to use what I have learned to flourish once I leave.” 

Holden Nelson

“The sense of community I've felt at NA is something I'm not sure I'll ever feel anywhere else ever again.” 

Reece Newman

“NA is such a wonderful school. I have grown as a person and genuinely think that I would not be who I am if I had stayed in Charlotte. NA has impacted me by encouraging me to use my voice. Speak up and use it for positive change.” 

Berkeley Newman

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of good time management. The amount of work can be overwhelming sometimes, but if you space it out and avoid procrastination it becomes a lot more manageable.”  

Nelson Ott

“NA has taught me how to socialize with everybody: Teachers, friends, and strangers. I have made friends for life who I did not know three years ago.” 

Mack Panko

“Norfolk Academy taught me the importance of reaching out to people who are not part of my friend group. My experience as a new student in ninth grade taught me how important it is to be kind to strangers and offer a smile in the hallway to someone.” 

Chloe Pausch

“Norfolk Academy has given me a lot of experiences. I got to explore Washington D.C. during the Forensics Maymester and I traveled the world and saw another country when I went to Costa Rica.” 

Sophie Pollio

“The relationships I made with my teachers have left the greatest impact on me. They were so supportive, and I hope to have similar bonds to teachers in the future.” 

Mason Przymuzala

“When I arrived at Norfolk Academy in the eighth grade, everyone was so open and welcoming. Students and teachers made me feel at home.” 

Seamus Roberson

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on my work ethic and character. It has allowed me to study better and lock in.” 

Ava Salemi

“Norfolk Academy's teachers have left a lasting impact on me because they are always willing to help. I look forward to my classes because the teachers are fun and engaging. I'm thankful that they have been there for me.” 

Varish Sappati

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to be an active leader in my community, to take advantage of opportunities to serve and give back, and to be a public speaker and leader. NA has taught me that it is important to explore your defined interest and to form your own personal identity.”  

Jimmy Scaggs

“The atmosphere that Norfolk Academy provides is one of integrity, which I feel has made a lasting impact on me.” 

Gretchen Scott

“Norfolk Academy has shown me the importance of relationships. Whether with peers, teachers, coaches, or friends, having connections with the people around you can be invaluable.” 

Luke Shinofield

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on me by teaching the importance of making the most of every day and opportunity. I have grown to appreciate every little moment I get to spend with teachers and classmates. The community helps to make every moment enjoyable and makes you want to show up to school.” 

Sam Shumadine

His kindness, mischievous smile, and boundless humor were contagious and allowed him to easily make and keep countless friends. Sam will remain forever in our hearts. 

— an excerpt from a memorial published in Horizons 2024, the school’s yearbook.

Logan Simon

“The Honor System has left a lasting impression on me. I feel comfortable leaving a laptop, phone, or my backpack sitting in the hallway or in a public area, knowing it will still be there when I return, which allows me to trust my peers and instills integrity in all of us.” 

Lance Snyder

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of integrity, which will stay with me long after my time at NA. Norfolk Academy has shaped who I am and provided me with the knowledge of how to better myself and others.” 

Marin Soderberg

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the value of the Honor System and community trust. I also have made some of my best friends and relationships that will last a lifetime.” 

Lily Stockwell

“My favorite non-classroom experience has been volunteering at Seatack Elementary. I was introduced to the school through Fellows, and I'm so thankful. The students always put a smile on my face.” 

Hannah Stredler

“Even when I am not at Norfolk Academy, I find myself following the Honor Code and I know I will continue doing this throughout my adult life.” 

Sam Stromberg

“Whether it’s trying out the newest dips and spreads from the sandwich bar with Dr. Bryant or chatting about sports with Coach Furr in the hallways, I always look forward to coming to school, and not just for class.” 

Areen Syed

“I strive to bring change to every community I enter. Through my work in UNITiD and as a Global Affairs Fellow, I believe I have helped make NA a more inclusive, open, and accepting environment.” 

Reagan Szakaly

“Norfolk Academy allowed me to study abroad in France for two months. The sense of independence I garnered there, as well as the exposure to a different culture, language, and education, has equipped me with valuable skills and friendships for which I will be eternally grateful.” 

Natalie Tajan

“Norfolk Academy has made a lasting impact on my character through the close-knit community the school provides. I have enjoyed being part of a small community where everyone knows each other well.” 

Tommy Tan

“Having a busy schedule every day has instilled in me the importance of a strong work ethic. This is a lesson that will have importance beyond my life at NA.”

Sam Tignor

“Norfolk Academy has introduced me to forever friends and mentors who have and will have a major impact on my life. Norfolk Academy has also brought me to the sport of wrestling, which I will stick with for the rest of my life.” 

Sean Trudell

“Norfolk Academy has prepared me intellectually. I have learned a lot at this institution. It has also shaped my character and made me a person of integrity.” 

Cooper Tyszko

“Norfolk Academy has made me an honorable person. I often find myself in situations where lying could be the easy way out, but something inside me tells me to be honorable. I believe NA created this instinct.” 

Michelle Vazquez-Paramo

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with an extensive education that will open doors with great opportunities. NA has also introduced me to friendships that will last a lifetime. I could not be more thankful.” 

Charlie Violette

“The Norfolk Academy community is one big family. I have become close with so many people in my time here, and that would not have happened without the close-knit community that has been created.” 

Hunter Wheary

“NA has taught me how far hard work and honesty get you.” 

Carter Whetstine

“Norfolk Academy has taught me lessons in and out of the classroom. It has taught me how to handle tough situations with integrity and class. It has also emphasized the relationships that I forged with friends.” 

Owen Yeung

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the power of community. We have one of the strongest communities I have seen, and that strength fuels us in everything from our athletic programs to our fundraisers and more.” 

Brice Yuill

“Norfolk Academy has had a lasting impact on me through the leadership skills I have learned. Starting from the Ninth Grade Leadership Lab, we learn what makes a good leader. Through my underclassman years, I was able to observe good leadership. Then, I had the opportunity to practice the skills I learned and observed.” 

Tate Zimmerman

“Norfolk Academy molded my academic foundation, discipline, and friendships, leaving a lasting impact on my life. I have developed so many friendships over my 12 years. I have become closer with my friends than I ever thought possible, and I have teachers I know I can talk to even after graduating.”