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A Tribute to Our Seniors

As we approach the end of the Year of Togetherness we are proud to explore the accomplishments, dreams, and future plans of the Class of 2022!  

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Jonah Abrams '22

“I think that I made an impact on Norfolk Academy as a person. I think that each individual adds up to a greater whole.” 

David Alexander '22

“The support system of students and teachers coming to your sports games, your friends sitting in the front row of Johnson for your speech, or just that one teacher you can always go and talk to no matter what you're doing or where you are at NA, someone is there for you.” 

Harry Alexander '22

“Norfolk Academy has helped me to create connections. I have made lots of friends and acquaintances whom I feel comfortable calling if I need them.” 

Zoey Alperin '22

“My advice to underclassmen would be to not take your time at Norfolk Academy for granted. It seems like just the other day I was a new student in 9th grade, and time passes quicker than you could ever imagine. Cherish your time with your friends, faculty, and coaches while you are here because before you know it, it will be time to graduate.” 

Sage Ambrose-Brydie '22

“I love how Norfolk Academy has its own community and culture. I love seeing and partaking in traditions. I've never seen a school have such a shared community and it has taught me the value of connection with others.” 

Lily Auerbach '22

“NA has prepared me for life ahead. For college and work, NA helped build my work ethic and time management skills.” 

Jacob Bakkar '22

“Learning time management is a huge part of a Norfolk Academy experience. I also think problem-solving is an extremely important lesson we’ve learned.” 

Eliza Blythe '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me a lot about respect. Over the years I’ve learned how to embrace my own self-respect and to always show respect to other people.” 

Fraser Boone '22

“Norfolk Academy has showed me the importance of honor. The Honor Code has taught me how to be responsible for myself and the impact that my decisions have.” 

Luke Boran '22

“I would like to think that for football and wrestling, I showed the underclassmen on both teams how to put in extra time after practices, and how to work hard in the offseason as well.” 

Avery Britt '22

“The family that we created over the past 12 years will be sorely missed.” 

Corey Brooks '22

“Norfolk Academy has made me believe that anything is possible. The opportunities that NA has granted me are a direct result of the excellent teaching I have been surrounded by. Academy has taught me to never stop learning, innovating, and collaborating to reach my aspirations.” 

John Bunn '22

“Honor is something that I value a lot. I hope I’m remembered as an honorable fellow.” 

Timmy Butler '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me a great deal about how to organize my schedule. With sports, homework, and other extracurricular activities, I have learned how to manage my time effectively.” 

Maddie Camlet '22

“The relationships between teachers and students at Norfolk Academy are amazing. It always feels as though our teachers are trying to help us in any way that they can.” 

Bella Cardon '22

“I definitely gained confidence in talking to adults or people I may not know. The close bonds that students at NA share with faculty has allowed me to mature in that way.” 

Cooper Cazares '22

“The faculty at Norfolk Academy have believed in me since the beginning.”   

Emma Clark '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of time management. Having late sports practices and lots of homework due the next day has taught me how to work ahead and manage my free time wisely.” 

Joey Clarkson '22

“Cherish the time that you have ahead of you because time goes by very fast at NA and before you know it, you'll be graduating.” 

Henry Clifford '22

“If Norfolk Academy has taught me anything, it is time management. Having to balance a sport with papers, tests, and homework is no easy task. This skill is something that I will have for the rest of my life, for which I am extremely thankful.” 

James Coleman '22

“The honor system has left a huge impact on me because it has taught me to always do the right thing when no one is watching. Your character and actions are what define you, something that is instilled upon every Norfolk Academy student.” 

Jacob Cress '22

“I think one way I've left an impact on Norfolk Academy is in how I treat others and how I keep it real and honest. I think my sense of humor and relaxing energy will leave an impact with my peers.” 

Trey Custodio '22

“My skills as a writer and a speaker have developed immensely throughout my time at Norfolk Academy. I can now have confidence in my voice and my scribbles.” 

Tillman Dalton '22

“Norfolk Academy provided me the tools to be successful in the real world with its academic rigor and dedication to equality and integrity while also bringing me to some of my closest friends, who I wouldn't have found otherwise.” 

Nate DeLorenzo '22

“Advisee meetings in the morning during Middle School and Upper School provided a way to hang out with the same group of people and brought us closer together. I was able to make a lot of memories with my advisee.” 

Melia DiGeronimo '22

Texas Christian University

“The magic of the senior lounge made me realize how sad I am to be leaving my NA family. The inclusivity, excitement and fun made me excited to go to school.” 

Mariana Duarte '22

“Don’t take your time here for granted; savor each and every moment in the classroom, on the athletic fields, or even just talking with teachers and friends at H-Bell. You will be graduating before you know it and might regret not slowing down to appreciate all the memories you made and are making.” 

Zoe Dukas '22

“The community will leave a long-lasting impact on me because I feel as though in years to come I can still rely on the friends whom I have now.” 

Jessica Ezieme '22

“One impact that Norfolk Academy has had on me is providing many tools that I will take into my future career. I am prepared to do anything, something I realized during my internship last summer.” 

Jett Falk '22

“Norfolk Academy will leave the impact of encouraging me to always work hard on anything that I do.” 

Benjamin Farpour '22

“Taking part in the Odyssey trip in 8th grade was an experience I will never forget. I learned just as much about myself and my classmates as I did Greek and Roman architecture and history.” 

Abby Fernandez '22

“Norfolk Academy has instilled in me the value of community engagement. Through Paws for a Cause, regular club fundraisers, and Global Health Fellows, I have served my community in so many different ways. I know that wherever I end up, I will bring with me this same sense of enthusiasm for service.” 

Samantha Fischer '22

“NA has left me feeling extremely capable of success. I've always wanted to be a veterinarian and many of the teachers here have given me the confidence and ability to hopefully achieve that goal one day.” 

Ian Fitzgerald '22

“NA has done a great job of teaching me how to build relationships with all different people.” 

Emma Fix '22

“Norfolk Academy has helped me grow in all areas of life, whether it's academics or my moral compass. I have learned to express my thoughts in a concise, coherent way with Mr. Zito, but have also learned the power of empathy as a Peer Counselor with Dr. Hudgins.” 

Annabelle Flisk '22

“Take advantage of every opportunity you can here at NA. There are so many unique extracurricular activities and communities.” 

Race Foy '22

“I would like to think that I’ve left an impact through my personality. I try to be as funny as I can, and I would say that trying to make other people’s lives better through humor has impacted at least a few people positively.” 

Olivia Galiotos '22

“Although it can be difficult, it is so important to be present every day. Norfolk Academy offers so many opportunities that can be missed if you are simply going through the motions.” 

Jill Ghormley '22

“My most influential teachers and staff have been on and off the field, in the classroom, and out of it…If 12 years at Norfolk Academy have given me anything, the relationships I have been able to build have cultivated me into the person I am today.”

Virginia Gill '22

“Whether it be in academics or athletics, my teachers and coaches push me to strive for my best. Norfolk Academy has shaped me into the person I am today and I will always be thankful for that.” 

Gavin Goss '22

“Norfolk Academy has instilled in me a desire to serve my community. All of the opportunities NA gives us to go out and make a difference in Hampton Roads allow us to see the change we can make here at home.” 

Emily Graham '22

“Norfolk Academy has given me a strong sense of community. Being able to know everyone individually and appreciating our close-knit community has left a lasting impact on me.” 

Angela Hamlin '22

“Norfolk Academy has helped me become a better public speaker and has taught me to work well under pressure. Along with public speaking, NA has allowed me to talk about topics that are important to me not just in class but in any facet of my life.” 

Thomas Harbison '22

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with relationships with students and teachers that I will always remember. NA has taught me that building lasting relationships with people is a very important lesson to learn in life.” 

Julianne Hood '22

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with a community of support from teachers, peers, and teammates. This support system is unique to NA and has prepared me for life beyond NA.” 

Ross Hope '22

“Always do something productive during H bell. That is the perfect time to socialize or catch up on work to lighten the homework at night.” 

Emma Hugo '22

“Leadership Lab is such a hidden gem. It forced everyone to open up about themselves and created connections that can never be broken.” 

Sarah Jacobs '22

“The Global Affairs program has been one of the most meaningful parts of my experience at NA. Through it and our trip to Peru, I have cultivated a better understanding of the world.” 

Toria Kauffman '22

Harvard University

“Enjoy the ride and look for the little moments that will make an experience memorable and special. Be it reciting poems during a Physics class or staying up until after 2 a.m. working on a Robotics notebook, those small moments will be what stick with you months or years after.” 

Foster Kimple '22

“Always try the sport or activity you’re considering. I played 7th grade football… I found out I don’t like football. On the other end I tried NA-TV my senior year and found I enjoy commentating on sports.” 

Sacha Konikoff '22

“As rigorous as NA is, during my 12 years I have learned that character surpasses any grade. Grades are important, but what impact you leave on others at NA is what’s most memorable.” 

Ben Lagow '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me how to be a great leader. Whether it is through leading the Dawg Pound at games or helping the cancer community through Livestrong, I have grown significantly as a leader. Most of this is attributed to the wonderful people throughout the community.” 

Brogan Land '22

“At Norfolk Academy, I really enjoyed the art program led by Mrs. DiJulio. I really appreciate being able to have a space at our school that has been so supportive and inclusive.”

Emmie Land '22

“I have left an impact on Norfolk Academy by creating an open space for conversation in my advisee. I make sure everyone is heard and create a platform for conversation.” 

Jasmine LeClair '22

“Honor is extremely important; no grade is worth compromising your integrity.” 

Clement Lee '22

“Norfolk Academy has shaped me into a curious person, eager to learn more about the world. This school, likewise, has taught me that hard work and discipline are needed to continue cultivating this curiosity towards amazing things. I can safely say that Norfolk Academy has conjured within me a motivation for lifelong learning and leadership.”  

Caitlyn Lloyd '22

“The Norfolk Academy community has taught me the importance of support. Everybody in this community - teachers, peers, coaches - are all rooting for each other and want the best for everyone. I feel supported here, which in turn pushes me to do my best and want to succeed.” 

Logan Lyle '22

“Norfolk Academy has helped mold me into the person I am today. NA has also helped me find my love of science, and has taught me how to confidently carry myself.” 

Keira Mann '22

“I hope that even after I’ve left, I’ll provide inspiration. Whether it’s to join Dance Team or to push through physics, I hope someone knows that if I did it, they can too.” 

Henry Martin '22

“Norfolk Academy’s Honor System will have a lasting impact because of the qualities it has instilled in me over the past 12 years. Because of this aspect of Academy, I have built a habit of always doing my own work, telling the truth, and not taking things without permission.” 

Marin McKee '22

“Norfolk Academy has provided students with an expectation to act honorably and morally both in and out of the classroom and Academy's code of honor has become an integral part of my everyday life.” 

Madalyn Mejia '22

“As Vice President of UNITID (You and I together in diversity), I have contributed to the diversity scene on campus. Organizing our annual Seminar Day and moderating discussions on diversity are some of the ways I have worked to improve inclusivity at Norfolk Academy.” 

Lily Mersel '22

“One of the reasons why I was able to succeed as a whole was through the guidance of my teachers, both academically and personally.” 

Dawson Montagna '22

“Norfolk Academy has instilled an incredible work ethic in me, and it works to my benefit. I wouldn’t have a good sense of time management without it.” 

Stinson Moss '22

“Norfolk Academy has made me realize that it is possible to create a community that is so heavily invested in such important, yet fragile values. Honor and integrity being the main ones in my opinion.” 

Sophie Ott '22

“One way that NA has left a lasting impact on me is by reiterating the importance of being kind. When I moved here, everyone embraced and welcomed me with open arms, going out of their way to make me feel comfortable. The way that people treated me and the environment that NA created for me is something that I will never forget and will take with me everywhere I go.” 

Kendall Pagach '22

“My time at Norfolk Academy has given me a world of experiences that I could not find anywhere else. Since first grade, I have found friends that will last a lifetime. I am especially grateful for the musical program here at NA. It fostered a community that allowed me to express myself on stage and have fun with my peers.”

John Paschold '22

“Norfolk Academy has given me the gift of wanting to be a lifelong learner. I get to go to school every day with others who excel in and out of the classroom, which is impressive.” 

Axel Patzer '22

“The Advisory system helps you build a strong connection to an adult who cares deeply about you.” 

Anna Cathryn Perry '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of honor, hard work, and integrity. I always try to do the right thing and adhere to my moral compass, thanks to my wonderful 12 years at Norfolk Academy.” 

Emmaline Prodan '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me what community is about through classes, clubs, athletic teams, and teacher-student relationships. I will remember what a great community I was raised in for the rest of my life.” 

Connor Purcell '22

“I think that one way I have left an impact on Norfolk Academy is simply by talking to people. Greeting someone or having a short conversation can go a long way and create new friends or people you can count on.” 

Reed Ramirez '22

“Cliché or not, Norfolk Academy has taught me how to handle immense amounts of work. As much as I may have disliked spending time after school writing papers and reading books, it has shown me how to manage significant workloads.” 

Cooper Reed '22

“Being around individuals every day who come from success and want to continue succeeding gives you a certain drive to want to compete and push yourself to always be and do your best. My classmates have shown me what true drive and ambition look like, which is something that I will never forget when I leave this school.” 

Camille Roberson '22

“Norfolk Academy practically raised me. If I said it hasn't made an impact on me, I'd be lying. NA is where I found my passions, my friends, and my peace, which I promise to carry with me forever.” 

Ben Roberts '22

“Norfolk Academy has made me appreciate the value of open discussion.” 

Lilly Savin '22

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with an amazing education, along with friendships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. NA has also taught me to be open, kind, and loving toward everyone I meet.” 

Helene Schulwolf '22

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on my character through the Honor Code. Having attended NA since the 1st grade, the importance of telling the truth and trusting each other has been instilled in me. The Honor Code has taught me how to be an honorable person in all aspects of my life.” 

Lee Shearin '22

“I have found that going to see your teachers will always help. Every teacher wants to help and all you have to do is show them you want help.” 

Sydnie Simon '22

“Norfolk Academy has instilled in me the drive and work ethic needed to accomplish my goals and be successful. I have learned that, by putting myself out there and sharing my ideas with my peers, it is possible to make anything happen if you spend the necessary time and energy chasing after the end goal.” 

David Smythe '22

Princeton University

“Norfolk Academy has taught me to not be afraid to fail. Through projects through the Fellows Program, athletic experiences, and classroom projects, I have failed over and over again. However, Academy's supportive environment inspires me to keep trying new ideas and realize that failing is not something to fear.” 

Brooke Snyder '22

“Norfolk Academy has helped me develop strong time management skills. I had to figure out quickly how to balance homework with sports practices and afterschool activities. In learning how to do this early, I know that when I go to college I will have an advantage.” 

Ethan Standing '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me how the real world works, and how to be successful.” 

Averell Stith '22

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact by impressing upon me the need to maintain my integrity and not be afraid to say something to someone and remove myself from a situation if something I disagree with is happening.” 

Carey Stredler '22

“Norfolk Academy is full of great teachers and coaches who care deeply about me and want me to succeed.” 

Ryann Szakaly '22

“Norfolk Academy’s environment has been amazing and everyone has been so inviting. Especially when I first came here, I thought it would be hard to work myself into the NA community. Instead, it was extremely easy to get to know and befriend my fellow students.” 

Kristen Tan '22

“Norfolk Academy taught me how to write and how to make an argument, and it taught me the great importance of this, too. Making an argument and being able to back it up with logic and evidence and write it well — I am so grateful that NA taught me how to do all of this.” 

Rachel Thetford '22

“I believe I have left younger students with a model of doing everything with heart. On the field, in classrooms, or during club activities, I feel that I have done everything with passion, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.” 

Nadine Thomas '22

“Do not take your time at NA for granted and never let fear hold you back from trying new activities, whether that is a club or sport. The memories you will make and lessons you learn are invaluable.”

James Thompson '22

“My advice for underclassmen Bulldogs: Reach out to your teachers whenever you need help. You’ll always be glad you did.” 

Sophia Thompson '22

“Norfolk Academy has grown who I am as a student, matured my communication skills, and positively impacted the way I lead others. I know that through our close-knit community, I will always be able to fall back on the lifelong connections I have made.” 

Brooke Thornton '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me countless life lessons that I will carry with me forever. This institution has shown me the true meaning of hard work, the value of integrity, and the importance of respect.” 

Jack Tignor '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me how important it is to be true to the work that you create and take pride in it, which trickles into everything I do now.” 

Savannah Tindall '22

“I remember going into freshman year, being nervous about transferring here and then seeing how welcoming everyone was/is. Norfolk Academy is a place where I've found some of the friends I hold closest to my heart.” 

Sofia Tjia '22

“I would advise underclassmen to get involved in everything, whether that’s a club or a team, and to take advantage of everything NA has to offer. This way you can make friends, find new passions, and better yourself and the NA community.” 

Canby Traywick '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of honor and reputation more than anything else.” 

Andrew Trinder '22

“NA is special, for it challenges you academically while giving you an opportunity to grow tremendously through our friends and peers.” 

Paul Trudell '22

“Norfolk Academy’s Honor System has left a lasting impact on me. It is our cherished tradition, and it is at the root of all my relationships. It has inspired me to more deeply instill the values of doing the right thing even when no one is looking.” 

Millie Van Slyke '22

Reed College

“Literacy Fellows has made a significant impact on my life. I’ve learned so much about poverty, education, racism, housing, the local Tidewater area - the list goes on. I am so grateful for this program!” 

Veronica Verdi '22

“Norfolk Academy has left a lasting impact on my sense of inclusion. NA always makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to be who they want! I have been able to be part of any club, sports team, or arts program I choose.” 

Claire Vu '22

“You get what you put into it. I remember Mr. Wetmore saying this to the new Fellows, but it applies to everything in life. If you put your all into your sport, club, or class you get results that you can be proud of. Work hard and play hard because these are the moments that build your character.” 

Gavin Wang '22

“Norfolk Academy's Honor Code has shaped the way I make my decisions. Additionally, the relationships and life lessons I have learned from here will continue to stick with me for the rest of my life.” 

Kai Wang '22

University of Pennsylvania

“Tangibly, I hope I have left an impact through my contributions on the Honor Council and my leadership in my involved clubs. Intangibly, I hope that my perspective and dry sense of humor have progressed learning within the classroom.” 

Cate Ware '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me how to push myself and the value of friendship and hard work.” 

Lauren Weinstein '22

“Throughout my 12 years at Norfolk Academy I have been pushed to set goals for myself, but I learned that to achieve them, I must work hard. Nothing is easy and I must prove that I can do it.” 

Clayton Whetstine '22

“Norfolk Academy has further developed my work ethic and discipline. With a lot of schoolwork and extracurriculars, the only way to succeed is to stick with your commitments and work hard.” 

Kenneth Whitehurst '22

“12 years at Norfolk Academy has taught me how to bond with different groups of people. Spending so much time with like-minded students has created lifelong friendships that I will always cherish, while the bonds I created with students unlike myself have taught me countless lessons.” 

James Wilson '22

“Norfolk Academy has provided me with a sense of confidence, inspiring me to make an impact in the world. The rigor and programs here have instilled in me a desire to succeed no matter what challenges come before me.” 

Kayla Wilson '22

Stanford University

“In all of my 12 years at NA, I have never had a teacher I didn't like. Each and every one of them was passionate about the topic they taught, which greatly impacted my work ethic in the class.”

Tal Zach '22

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the value of hard work and how to never give up on what you want to achieve. In addition, the people at this school have given me long-lasting friendships and memories that I would have never been able to get anywhere else.”