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WIlliam Inderlied '21

University of Virginia

“Norfolk Academy has taught me the importance of timing. Everything at the school is done on a very organized schedule, especially quizzes and tests. This has forced me to think faster and more precisely than at other schools that I have attended while growing up.”

Global Affairs Fellow, Varsity Lacrosse  

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Intelligent, Perseverant, Illustrious 

What are you most looking forward to in college? The band of brothers on the lacrosse team 

Most Meaningful Activity 
Being a member of the Norfolk Academy Lacrosse Community has been the highlight of my extracurricular experience. I have had the opportunity to build lasting relationships with both older and younger players while competing alongside one another in incredible games. 

A Favorite Memory 
Going to the training room and talking to Mrs. Bailey about more than just injuries with my friends has made this senior year much more fun than it would have been because of coronavirus. 

Making His Mark 
I have shown it is still possible to commit to a big-time lacrosse program for college coming from the Virginia Beach area, though many sacrifices had to be made along the way. I hope this leaves an inspiration for younger players to maintain hope that they can take the same path if they so desire. 

A Quick Word About William 
“William's grades are stellar, yet I admire his character above any of the grades he made in my class. He is revered among his peers and faculty. He is a leader who demonstrates calm, vision, and fairness. In the classroom, he compassionately helps his fellow classmates who struggle. He takes the time to explain lessons to them during group work and patiently lets them participate to encourage them to practice the lesson at hand. William’s kindness, patience, determination, and integrity impress me greatly and make him the successful person that he is today.” ~ Ms. Mary Todd Glascock, William’s Spanish Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my grit.