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Taylor Fox '21

Hampden-Sydney College

“I hope my determination and mindset leave an impact on the community. The one thing I tell all underclassmen is that in order to be successful, you have to want to win more than everyone else and keep an underdog mindset. Hard work always beats talent.”

Varsity Soccer (Captain), Varsity Basketball (Captain), Varsity Tennis (Captain), TSC Treasurer 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Goofy, Positive, Persevering

What will you miss most about NA? The fact that it has been home for 12 years 

Most Meaningful Activity
All three sports I've played here are my favorite extracurricular activities. There’s nothing quite like gearing up and seeing Bulldogs on the front of your jersey. Most importantly, I'll miss the team chemistry and dynamic that make sports here so wonderful.

A Favorite Memory
My favorite events were all the school dances. It’s so fun to come together with everyone and dance. You forget about popularity, friend groups, and drama, and have fun.

Reflections on Learning
My favorite classroom experience was my American Government class with Coach Denson. This class was so great because of the way Mr. Denson ran it. The class was always open for discussion and I never feared speaking what I believed.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Coach Mike Duquette has had the greatest impact on me. First, he has taught me that in life you must play to your strengths. He also has shown me what drive and passion look like while playing tennis. I would be an average tennis player and person if it weren't for Coach Duquette. He is a great coach, great friend, and a great family man.

A Quick Word About Taylor
“Taylor’s academics speak for themselves. He is a logical thinker and does not quit until he understands a concept. During lecture, Taylor is always engaged, and I count on him to answer questions the rest of the class finds difficult and challenging. I see the same attributes on the basketball court as I do in the classroom (e.g. competitiveness, strong work ethic, discipline, leadership, etc.). Taylor also has an open mind and works very well with others - this is especially true in a laboratory setting. I have observed that his peers are attracted to and respect him for his ability to communicate and his positive way of looking at life. Others are attracted to him because of his ‘can do’ attitude. He is very well respected, especially by the faculty.” ~ Dr. Lew Affronti, Taylor’s Advanced Biology Teacher

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my drive to be great.