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Sidney Jordan '21

Duke University

“Norfolk Academy has taught me that it is OK to struggle or fail as long as you learn from your mistakes and move on. I used to be afraid of not understanding things in my classes but I have learned that struggling is not the end of the world if you try to improve.”   

Peer Counselor, Varsity Soccer (Co-Captain), Varsity Indoor Track, Norfolk Academy Medical Scholars 

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Easygoing, Enthusiastic, Quirky  

Most Meaningful Activity   
From team breakfasts to dressing up on game days, the soccer team has been one of my favorite activities at NA. I love the close bonds and relationships that I have formed with my teammates and coaches. I think we have a unique dynamic because we work hard to improve as a team, while maintaining a fun environment.     

Beyond the Classroom  
One of my favorite non-classroom traditions is having dress down days for Homecoming or around the holidays. I think the most memorable one was wearing Christmas tree hoodies for the ugly sweater day last year and getting an honorable mention at lunch. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Mr. Denson has had a huge impact on me, both as a psychology and government teacher and as a soccer coach. He pushes me as an athlete and as a student, helping me overcome my nerves on the field and always offering sage advice from his wealth of knowledge. 

Making My Mark 
I think one of my biggest impacts on Norfolk Academy has been as a Peer Counselor. Over the years, I have tutored younger students in various subjects and my favorite part is watching their pride in their accomplishments.   

A Quick Word About Sidney  
“Sidney’s humble and unassuming demeanor is a remarkable disguise. Make no mistake, behind this persona lies a powerhouse of intellect and will power that has left me speechless more times than I can count. Sidney possesses an extraordinary love of not just Latin, but also learning in general. Her intellectual curiosity knows no bounds. Her ability to comprehend Latin was nothing short of astonishing. Nevertheless, Sidney’s true strength was humbly guiding her peers through some of the most challenging lines of Roman poetry with a level of poise and grace beyond her years. From watching her lead her peers through a brutal day of grammar, to taking the extra moment to stop by and say hello to a previous teacher, to my collection of thank you cards all signed “gratias tibi ago,” Sidney continues to impress me each and every day.” ~ Mr. Matt Wilkens, Sidney’s Latin I and Latin IV/V Teacher     


The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…that I support all my peers.