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Sabrina Sterns '21

Illinois State University

“The people I’ve met here have had a lasting impact on me. There are many friendships I’ve forged here that I know will continue after high school.” 

Winter Musical, Dance Team, Varsity Rowing, German Club Co-President 

What I’ll Miss Most about NA: Not seeing my friends every day 

Most Meaningful Activity 
The Winter Musical has always been my favorite extracurricular activity. It combines my love for singing, dancing, and acting. It’s an excellent opportunity to express myself through music at school. 

Beyond the Classroom 
I thoroughly enjoyed community service in my middle school years. I usually went to a local school and offered classroom assistance. Through community service, I discovered that I love working with children. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
I love Dr. Kidd’s English class and his advisory. He has a doge mug, so it’s pretty hard not to see why he’s one of the coolest teachers here. 

Making My Mark 
I was extremely saddened when my class was unable to take part in the German Exchange because of COVID. I never wanted another student to feel the way I did, so as Co-President of the German Club, I created a fundraiser that benefitted the German Exchange scholarship fund. Hopefully we can repeat this fundraiser over the next few years, saving enough to award 1-2 full scholarships to students once the German Exchange can safely resume operating. 

A Quick Word About Sabrina 
“Sabrina is a first-rate Wordsmith who can probably beat most people you know in Scrabble as well as hold her own in an advanced undergraduate seminar about challenging literary texts from any century. Her dry wit and incredible talents for theater and music make her excellent company in a classroom or at an advisory lunch. I am comfortable saying that Sabrina is already ready to do upper-level undergraduate work in any humanities field. Not only will she do well in it, but she will go to that professor’s office hours to get even more instruction and understanding, delighting that professor with her acumen.” ~ Dr. David Kidd, Sabrina’s English Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my work ethic.