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Robert Lucas '21

Viginia Tech

“The Long-term French Exchange was like a second Leadership Lab solo session. This time it lasted for two months instead of eight hours. I'd recommend it to every person who has a chance to go.”

Sci-Fi Club (President), Varsity Swimming, Long-term French Exchange

Favorite Refectory Meal: Chicken Fingers

Most Meaningful Activity
I found great fellowship in the Sci-Fi Club. Obviously, I couldn't run the club entirely on my own. I found myself leaning not only on my fellow executives but a small group of seniors we appointed and called "The Council." They helped pitch ideas and helped to make the club better and more engaging for everyone.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Mr. Oberdorfer has been one of my greatest influences in my time at NA. I appreciate his straightforwardness. He came to us at the beginning of my first class with him last year and said, "I don't want you to believe everything I say." I think that's amazing and not something you will see anywhere else.

The Academy Difference
During the “day solo session” of the Leadership Lab, we were left in the woods alone for eight hours with nothing but a tarp, four pieces of string, a piece of wood, and a sharpie. We wrote our fears and challenges on the wood. All credit to Mr. McMahon for fundamentally changing my outlook on life within a 10-day period. I wouldn't be the way I am without the Leadership Lab Program.

A Quick Word About Robert
“Robert is a tech savvy, Excel-spreadsheet-loving, pensive, endearingly inquisitive, delightfully quirky young man who has a wonderfully infectious personality that enlivens every corner of our campus. And just beneath that delightful charisma and bravado is a deeply tender and sentimental side; he is as whimsical and witty as he is sensitive and selfless. Robert makes it a goal to meet every new student in his grade, and he befriends those who appear to be lonely. It was Robert who brought a new student into the Class of 2021 fray in ninth grade, and they remain good friends to this day. He wants others to feel community, and he helps to forge it wherever he goes.” ~ Mrs. Wendy Livingston, Robert’s College Counselor

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…the ease with which I can tie a bowtie.