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Patrick Purdy '21

Virginia Tech

“The focus that Norfolk Academy puts on reading and writing has proved extremely beneficial. I have noticed that NA students are impressively ahead when it comes to their writing ability.”

Varsity Wrestling (Captain)

Favorite Refectory Meal: Grilled Cheese

Most Meaningful Activity
My favorite Upper School extracurricular activity has been wrestling. Our team has a tight bond and the sport itself teaches you many great lessons.

Beyond the Classroom
Field Day is the biggest event that I can remember from my time at Norfolk Academy. Its importance was huge when I was a Lower School student.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Coach Rahall was my math teacher in ninth grade and serves as my wrestling coach. We have forged a great student-teacher bond, as well as a strong friendship. I appreciate his honesty and determination to get the most out of his students and athletes.

A Word of Advice for his Fellow Bulldogs
Appreciate the little things while you can. It’s easy to take for granted Norfolk Academy, especially if you have been here your whole life. At the end of the day, the education you are receiving is top notch, and is setting you up for a successful future.

A Quick Word About Patrick
“Patrick is an exceptional young man. The thing that always stood out to me about Patrick in the classroom was his intellectual history. Patrick regularly challenged me to be a better educator by asking fantastic questions that would consistently pick around the edges of higher-level courses and even broader related fields like physics and engineering. I have been privileged to watch Patrick mature over the past three years from an intellectually curious boy to a young man who wants to earn and deserve the respect of others through hard work and commitment. I find it difficult to capture how gratifying it has been for me to be alongside Patrick on this journey of growth.” ~ Mr. Nick Rahall, Patrick’s Wrestling Coach

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my spirit.