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Patrick McCracken '21

Furman University

“I have made decade-long friendships at NA, which is something most 18-year-old boys cannot say.”

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Crew, Oasis House Soup Kitchen Volunteer

What Will You Miss Most about NA: The Honor Code and the community 

Most Meaningful Activity  
I have had a great time playing soccer for NA. I did it for six years and enjoyed every team I played for in a unique way. All of my coaches brought something different to the table and taught us how to be young men before soccer players.

Beyond the Classroom  
My favorite tradition at NA is definitely Field Day. I always enjoyed the bouncy houses and the ice cream when I was younger. As an older student I had loads of fun playing in the kickball games or causing mischief with my friends.

Inspirational Teacher-Coaches  
Dr. Rezelman and Mr. Oberdorfer have had the greatest impact on me. Combined I have taken seven classes with them. They both have taught me much about history, but also about critical thinking. Though their teaching styles are drastically different, together they have helped me to become a well-rounded man.

COVID Silver Lining
COVID has made me so much closer with my friends. It may seem counterintuitive, but because of quarantine every time we hang out it feels much more special because of how long we spent isolated during our first months of online school. COVID helped me take a reflective look on my friendships and appreciate them more.

A Quick Word About Patrick
“Patrick’s outspoken enthusiasm and quick grasp of patterns and trends made him stand out among his peers, even if they were one or two years older. He was the lone 10th grader in Latin American History, a course designed for upperclassmen and populated with seniors. Patrick’s grade surpassed all of them. His intelligence and love of history provide him with the raw ability to become a genuine scholar at a higher academic level.” ~ Mr. Richard Oberdorfer, Patrick’s Western Civilization and Latin American History Teacher

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my attitude.