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Nate Ternes '21

Syracuse University

“Our Honor Code has left a lasting impact, teaching me how to conduct myself even after leaving Norfolk Academy.” 

Performing Arts Lighting Team (Student Director), Fine Arts Association, Varsity Football Statistician, NA-TV (Captain)

What I’ll Miss Most About NA: The Community 

Most Meaningful Activity 
Lighting has been my favorite extracurricular activity during my time in the Upper School. As head of the lighting team, I have designed and directed multiple lighting sets for shows in Johnson Theater and Price Auditorium, under the guidance of Mr. Fleenor and Mr. Newman. 

Beyond the Classroom 
Advisee meetings with Mrs. Gorsline have been some of my favorite non-classroom experiences. From the meetings in her office to lunches with our entire group, spending time with our advisee group has been great, and has provided me with a supportive community. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
Dr. Rezelman has fostered my passion for history and international relations. He introduced me to the World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads, among other things, and after taking all three of his courses in the Upper School, I can say that he has had the biggest impact on me as a person. 

A Word of Advice to his Fellow Bulldogs 
Involve yourself in an activity every season, whether it be athletics or the arts or after-school clubs. There is an activity for everyone at our school. You just need to find it. 

A Quick Word About Nate 
“In ways both visible and subtle, Nate has made his mark on our school community, one that will last long after he is gone. Whenever Nate finds a community or a subject that means a lot to him, he gives everything he has to better that group or learn all there is to know about that topic. He has a genuine passion for learning, and an uncanny ability to apply what he learns. A man of many talents – cars, lighting, film, and videography, to name just a few – Nate has excellent initiative and drive to further his abilities in each of these areas. Though his work is consistently worthy of praise and recognition, he never demands or expects this, consistently demonstrating selfless leadership. Nate never cuts corners, always acting honorably and in ways that are in line with his stellar character. It’s an absolute joy to work with Nate, something that we at Norfolk Academy have learned time and time again, and something that the members of his college community will similarly learn many times over.” ~ Mr. Brad Harlan, Nate’s College Counselor 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my honor.