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Michael Lucas '21

Virginia Tech

“The ninth grade crime lab was one of the most engaging classroom activities I have ever done. It taught me how to engage myself in every class.” 

Varsity Crew, Varsity Wrestling, Norfolk Academy Medical Scholars Program 

What Will You Miss Most about NA: The Honor Code and the community 

Most Meaningful Activity 
Crew became my favorite sport in ninth grade as it formed a sense of brotherhood between me and my crewmates. Ever since I started crew, I have been friends with everyone on the team, even the ones who had left for college already. 

Reflections on Learning 
In 10th grade I developed my own lab experiment, creating nitric acid. I proposed the idea to Mr. Poole and we both came in during spring break and synthesized nitric acid. This was one of the defining moments in sparking my interest in chemistry and the sciences. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coaches 
Mr. Poole and Mrs. Glassman are the two teachers who changed my entire view on school. 

The Academy Difference 
Norfolk Academy has taught me to be completely honest with everyone around me. The Honor Code has been embedded in me and has changed me for the better. Norfolk Academy also taught me the ability of critical thinking in any situation, which I have been able to use everywhere. 

A Quick Word About Michael 
“Michael gets super interested in a topic and will not be satisfied until he ‘figures it out.’ He spent weeks in eighth grade working to manufacture concentrated HCI with his physical science teacher and was successful in that pursuit. It’s this extra level of questioning that intrigues me about Michael… He is an independent thinker who does not hesitate to share his thoughts and ideas with others. He is self-motivated, creative and is of high intellectual promise. I can honestly say that Michael is one of the most talented science students who I have had the pleasure to teach over the past 30 years.” ~ Dr. Lew Affronti, Michael’s Advanced Biology Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…grit, honor and honesty.