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Max Pollio '21

Kenyon College

“Teachers are your biggest asset. Asking for help is always a smart decision.”
Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Track and Field (Co-Captain), International Relations Club (Vice President)

What I Will Miss Most about NA: The faculty

Beyond the Classroom
The Tunstall Olympiad was always fun. Lip syncing to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” during my sophomore year was oddly enjoyable.

Reflections on Learning
I could call upon the memory of any of my Art History classes with Mr. Barton in 10th grade. I loved studying history and then being able to apply it to art. Also, to be able to say something about art when you go to a museum is awesome.

Inspirational Teacher-Coaches  
First there’s Coach Runzo, who grabbed me at a young age and taught me the importance of playing sports. The other is Dr. Rezelman, who has been a friend and mentor in many ways. Upon taking his class in 10th grade, I knew exactly what I wanted as a profession.

The Academy Difference
NA taught me the value of hard work and being on time. The constant emphasis on those two points has made me a much better student.

A Quick Word About Max
“Max is a natural ‘protector.’ As a strong, 290-pound, offensive lineman, Max does an amazing job of protecting his quarterback. However, his ‘protector’ instincts are not limited to the field. His selflessness carries over to the locker room, the classroom and the hallway as well. Max is known as the guy on my team who connects with the shy classmates who sometimes socially do not find themselves at the center of attention. ~ Mr. Steve Monninger, Max’s Football Coach

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…passion for learning.