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Mark Southern '21

Bates College

“Norfolk Academy has left me with a yearning to always do my best work. Whether academically or athletically, pursuing excellence has been something Norfolk Academy has instilled in me.” 

Tide Swimming, Lifeguarding, Church of the Holy Cross Ministries  

Three Words to Describe the Class of 2021: Hard-Working, Kind, Caring 

Favorite Refectory Meal: Pizza bagels 

Favorite Activity 
One of my favorite traditions has been the Tunstall Olympiad. It brought me together with people who I wouldn't interact with on a daily basis. It was a highlight of the beginning of each school year. 

Reflections on Learning 
My best classroom experience was Frau Dewey's German III class. She always had us doing interactive work that kept our small class engaged and excited to learn the language. 
Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
Dr. Jenkins has had the greatest impact on my passion for English. Her enthusiasm and teaching style for all three of the English classes I've had her for has taught me thoroughness, enhanced my creativity, and made me a confident writer. 
Making His Mark 
I believe that I have been supportive and helpful both in the classroom and on the pool deck, whether that be through aiding a classmate with a difficult topic or giving words of encouragement during a difficult practice. 
A Quick Word About Mark 
“Mark was part of the last cohort of seventh graders I taught, some of whom I have had the chance to work with again as Upper School students. It’s rare to teach the same students at two different points in their adolescence, and it has been a pleasure observing how far they have come. Mark, who was a serious-minded young man four years ago, has become more gregarious and self-assured. He participates in class by asking good questions and offering comments that display careful preparation and a sharp intellect. Mark is an accomplished English student and a young man who is dedicated to his academic growth. He reads and perceives meaning at a high level, and he expresses himself assuredly in speech and writing. I anticipate that he will thrive at the college level.” ~ Mr. Ari Zito, Mark’s English Teacher 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my love of the school.