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Maddie Brooks '21

University of Virginia

“Norfolk Academy has made me care more about my global community and the ways I can create change, even in small doses. Constantly challenging myself at NA has provided me with the motivation to find my purpose in life.”  

Honor Council (Chair), Varsity Cross Country (Captain), Varsity Basketball (Co-Captain), Varsity Lacrosse (Co-Captain), Global Health Fellow

What I Will Miss Most About Norfolk Academy: The tight-knit and trustworthy atmosphere
Most Meaningful Activity
The experiential learning through Global Health Fellows allowed me to see the sides of public health on a greater scale, whether it be taking blood glucose in Belize or talking with leaders of NGOs in DC. Being able to apply skills and understand life outside of the classroom made learning more intriguing and challenging and has given me a greater inclination to follow a career in health.

Reflections on Learning
I took Mr. Gibson and Dr. Bryant’s Latin American History class, and it was the most dynamic and interesting class I had the chance to take at NA. Their style of teaching pushed me out of my comfort zone and created a more open, free-flowing discussion.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
I have had Mrs. Zito every year of Upper School, and although I usually favor math or science over English, she has given me a love for writing, and improved my rhetoric along the way. Her support for her students and passion for English is so apparent, as she provides thoughtful ideas and interesting books.

A Quick Word About Maddie
“Maddie is unafraid to test her limits, to push herself farther – all in pursuit of a life lived to its utter fullest. She not only yearns for but also absolutely thrives in those situations most people are too scared to tackle in the first place. In so doing, she has set the tone not only for our Class of 2021, but for our community as a whole. A two-time chair of our Honor Council, an All-State athlete and a world-class intellect, Maddie is almost too good to be true. And though she has earned considerable bragging rights, she is also universally regarded as one of the most gracious, supportive, genial, collaborative and humble members of our senior class. ~ Mrs. Wendy Livingston, Maddie’s College Counselor    

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is…my compassion for my community.