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Mac Moore '21

University of California San Diego

“I am fairly confident that if I were not immersed in the culture at Norfolk Academy, my integrity would probably be much less than it is now.”

Varsity Golf (Co-Captain), Pianist

Favorite Refectory Meal: Pepperoni Pizza Bagel

Most Meaningful Activity  
Being on the golf team for four years has helped me grow not just as an athlete but as a person. I was able to foster many relationships with students multiple grades above me, teammates my age, and those younger than me.

Beyond the Classroom
There have been many non-classroom favorites of mine. However, there is no greater staple event to the Norfolk Academy experience than Field Day.

Reflections on Learning
My favorite classroom experience was when Dr. Vallery (Doc Val) baked our class four different pies one day and we all hung out in her office and her room during H Bell. It was a cool bonding experience with my classmates, and it emphasized the teachers' relationships with their students at the school.

Inspirational Teacher-Coach
Coach Cameron had a great effect on me both as a coach and teacher. He has been my golf coach for the past two years and my economics teacher this year. Additionally, he is the father of one of my close friends. He has helped mentor me athletically, socially, and academically, and I couldn't be more thankful for his presence in my life at Norfolk Academy.

A Quick Word About Mac
“Mac has an incredibly sharp mind that picks up pattern and connections easily. He thrives on challenging organic chemistry problems, jovially saying ‘oh Doc’ with a wide smile and then knuckling down to work on it. While some students’ brains work in black and white, Mac will frolic in the gray and find a creative solution. Mac also is empathetic and kindhearted. He has an incredible heart and honest disposition with a great capacity for forgiveness.” ~ Dr. Tenaya Vallery, Mac’s Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Teacher and Leadership Lab Counselor

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… being a part of a community where I am able to talk to everyone.