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Keon Tavakoli '21

University of Virginia

“Norfolk Academy has taught me about trust and friendship and the intricacies that accompany the pursuit of knowledge. I think the most important thing my time at NA has taught me is that there are a lot of people to be thanked for every success in life.” 

Batten Leadership Program EDI Fellow, Varsity Football, 7th Grade Basketball Coach, Sci-Fi Club 

What I’ll Miss Most about NA: The tight-knit community of faculty and students 

Most Meaningful Activity 
Playing football, JO all the way through varsity, has been one of my favorite extracurricular activities. Enjoying time with my classmates while competing and playing a sport I love has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I will always remember the Coach Monninger speeches and slogans, the offseason workouts, the two-a-days, the first and last days of padded practice, the Friday night lights, and the players and coaches who I was privileged enough to share those moments with. 

Reflections on Learning 
All of my history classes have been amazing. From story-time with Mr. Savage to Dr. Rezelman’s patented and enjoyable cynicism to Mr. McMahon’s lectures (arguments) on political philosophy and American government, every history class I have attended at NA has been enlightening, enjoyable, and always entertaining. 

Inspirational Teacher-Coach 
Dr. Kidd has taken my appreciation for English and turned it into a passion. Philosophical Literature with him during the fall semester led to incredible conversations about the nature of nature, of the world, and our place in it. Now taking Asian and Middle Eastern Literature with him this semester, I have come to fully appreciate his style, his ability to lead a discussion, and his willingness to take entertaining tangents every now and then. Every time I leave his classroom, I feel refreshed and ready for more. 

The Academy Difference 
Personally, any success I have had at NA has been the product of caring teachers, hardworking groundskeepers and chefs, incredible coaches, inspiring classmates, and loving parents. 

A Quick Word About Keon 
“Keon’s selfless leadership is noticed by all. He genuinely loves to learn. It doesn’t matter the subject or environment, he is going to apply his full attention and energy to learning all there is to know about a given topic. His teachers consistently praise not just his high natural aptitude, but his ability to thoughtfully question in order to better his and others’ understanding. Additionally, Keon’s word is worth its weight in gold, and his character is as strong as they come. When he says he is going to do something, he is going to do it whole-heartedly and honorably. He pursues his interests with unbridled enthusiasm, always holding himself to a higher standard, and setting the example for others to follow. He is as tremendous a person as I have come across in all my years in education.” ~ Mr. Brad Harlan, Keon’s College Counselor 

The thing that most makes me a Bulldog is… my trust in others.